Trudeau discontinues Emergencies Act

Trudeau discontinues Emergencies Act. By RT.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has brought an end to the Emergency Act in the country after 10 days after it was used to widen the scope of government and police authority …

Nearly 200 people have been arrested as police cracked down on the Freedom Convoy protests, with over 100 facing various charges. Organizers like Tamara Lich were also arrested last week. Lich was denied bail with the judge stating this week that her continued detention is “necessary for the protection and safety of the public.”

Trudeau was only going after his political opponents. The Emergency Act was unnecessary to clear the blockades, as a Canadian MP explains:

Now that he’s beaten and arrested his political opponents and stolen their money, Trudeau tries to go back to normal. Does he really think the stain will come off?

Is a couple ever really the same after the first episode of domestic violence?

hat-tip Stephen Neil