Putin Declares War on Ukraine

Putin Declares War on Ukraine. By Rachael Bunyan.

The Russian President told Ukrainian service members to ‘lay down their arms and go home’ as he declared war on Ukraine in an address to the nation. …

In a dark day, Putin told Russians: ‘I have decided to conduct a special military operation. Russia cannot exist with a constant threat emanating from the territory of Ukraine.’ …

The explosions come just hours after the U.S. warned the Ukrainian government that Putin’s troops are ‘ready to go now’ with an invasion of Ukraine, with 80 per cent of Russian soldiers now assembled around the country in attack positions. U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken issued a further stark warning and said he believed Russia will invade before the night is over.

If, as Putin says, the Russians and Ukrainians are fraternal brothers and share so much history and culture — and I believe him — then there should be no problem. Ask the Ukrainians what they want to do. Imagine free and fair referendums, one for each region in Ukraine — want to join Russia?

I’ll bet most would choose to stay separate from Russia, but would want close and friendly relations.

Likewise, I’ll bet most Canadians would not vote to join the USA, and I know most New Zealanders would not vote to join Australia (the formal offer was made in 1900, but it was turned down). But very close ties are desired by all, and that’s what we do.

Putin probably wouldn’t have invaded if Trump was still president:

Two days ago, a journalist asked Biden if he might have underestimated Putin. Just watch:

Today’s Tucker is pretty good commentary:

hat-tip Stephen Neil