Justin Trudeau Has An Occult Level of Hate for His People

Justin Trudeau Has An Occult Level of Hate for His People. By Elizabeth Nickson.

All across the [convoy] route, in frozen temperatures, hundreds gathered on thousands upon thousands of overpasses on the 4500 mile Trans-Canada Highway, waving flags and shouting encouragement to the truckers. Most of those onlookers were in tears of gratitude, with a pride they had not been allowed to feel for decades.

What the world saw on the streets of Ottawa, those shining faces, was the real Canada, which has been in eclipse for forty years thanks to our ruling class, mostly located in the triangle between Quebec City, Ottawa, and Toronto.

Much of our ruling class are relative newcomers to the country –in the past 50 years, post war refugees from the European left arrived and began to insinuate their ideas into everything that could conceivably called culture.

They did it in opposition to the Canada that came before who they identified correctly as simple bourgeoise whose minds were easily intimidated. Old stock Canadians who saw the potential in hating their own kind, joined in quickly, so as not to miss the financial benefits. And the financial benefits were substantial. One of our greatest political scientists has said, rightly, that where American boomers innovated, Canadians built the thickest most repressive bureaucracy imaginable. Today it mismanages everything and is supremely arrogant. No criticism is allowed.

But, they were right. The before people were simple, a base of northern British with a sampling of every other European state, and all bent on survival. Since their en masse arrival, best counted from about 1750, they came in waves of immigration, escaping poverty, and stringing across the frozen wastes, thankful for the frozen land they got to call their own for the first time ever. …

The new left took over all the tax-fuelled institutions:

In the 1960’s hundreds of cultural institutions began building, all of them, every single one, was opposed to and contemptuous of the ten million strong simple families who had fought for survival every single day for the past 200 years. The new people who dominated were followers of the Frankfurt School, supposed tribunes of the less favored but taught to mock and deride the bourgeoisie, to humble it, to take whatever it had and to ruin it in order to build a new world on top of the old world, using the old world’s foundation and wealth.

Canada’s vast potential was wasted in the turn to socialism:

Canada by the end of the Second World War had the fourth largest standing army in the world and was poised to become one of the richest. It had a modern infrastructure built in the most inhospitable terrains, canals, railroads, roads, electrical systems, modern livable cities. Everything worked. Everyone worked and hard. It had a mature industrial base, willing workers and resources that could power a prosperity the world had never seen. After WW2, the country welcomed ten million new immigrants from war-torn lands, all eager to participate in that prosperity.

That future never happened.

The best way to steal a country is to shame its people. And if those people are churched, they are already vulnerable to guilt. We have been shamed for half a century and counting. We have been told we are genocidal, we have been told we are racist, we have been told we are fascist, we have been told we are worthless beings who stole everything we have. This … has been repeated in thousands of books, all of which won awards which were awarded with our tax money, in a hundred thousand newspaper articles that outline our failings, our inadequacies, our insensitivities to the less fortunate, our racism always racism. Plays and operas and art shame us, excoriate us, try to destroy us. We are never good, never kind, never virtuous. Never mind that we welcomed every conceivable race post-war. Never mind that. We deserved to be over run and ruined.

Because Canadian “culture” has no reach, taxpayers pay for all the books, films, television programs, plays, and art. The products enjoy almost no success in the marketplace. Prize winning books sell, unless assigned in school, in triple digits if they are lucky. And we don’t watch or read them, because they are filled with hate for us. Their only audience is each other. …

Canada’s wormtongue:

Yesterday, the most loathed man in Canada, Wormtongue Trudeau, who never met a Canadian middle class person he likes, crept out from his hideaway to call the two million Canadians who protested this past week, racists and hate-filled fascists who flew a Nazi flag, peed on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and defaced Terry Fox’s statue. There is film of protestors shaming and shouting the provocateurs, for so they were, out of the crowd.


Even Wormtongue’s half-brother said yesterday that his hate speech was so intense, so filled with loathing, it was occult, even demonic.

To a lesser degree, most of that applies to Australia too. Countries with less private industry are easier prey for the tax-eaters.