Google Publishes Ontario Freedom Convoy Donors on Google Maps

Google Publishes Ontario Freedom Convoy Donors on Google Maps. By Paul Bios.

Locations of the Freedom Convoy donors in Ontario, Canada, have been published on Google Maps after the names of those who gave money to the crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo were leaked online.

The Google Maps link contains thousands of pins pointing to locations of donors throughout the Canadian province, with each pin listing their names, donor ID, email address, and the amount they donated, including those as low as $10.

Google is evil.

No privacy for opponents of the ruling class.

As with censorship, we see a private-public partnership with both arms of the new left. The public arm is not allowed to censor or discriminate, but the private arm sure can — choosing not to allow communications or payments from political opponents because they are private companies. Meanwhile the public arm ensures the legal and regulatory environment assists its private enforcers and discourages their competitors. Each does what the other cannot do, working in harmony for the same boss.