New apartheid system based on perceived political beliefs comes to the West

New apartheid system based on perceived political beliefs comes to the West. By the Z-Man.

What we see happening in Canada is the normalization of the double standard that has always been a feature of left-wing politics. On multiple occasions Trudeau has said that certain types of protests are permitted. …

The point of making this a permanent emergency, which is what they are doing, is to make permanent this new double standard for political participation in Canada. A Sikh truck driver honking his horn to protest vaccine mandates is not allowed because white supremacy. A Sikh truck driver plowing through a group of white kids, because white supremacy, is okay.

Of course, this is not some out of left field manifestation in Canada, but a continuation of a process that started in 2016. The people protesting Trump were allowed to assault people and damage property. The thousands of rioters who set fires and smashed windows during his inauguration were never charged. Douglas Mackey, the man behind the Twitter character Ricky Vaughn, is awaiting trial for the crime of making fun of the anti-Trump people online.

The model for what Trudeau is doing is January 6th. Left-wing rioters disrupted the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings for a week. Nothing happened to any of them, but hundreds of Trump supporters face long prison terms for the crime of disrupting official proceedings, despite no official proceedings at the time. Trudeau is simply following the lead of Washington. The fawning praise from the media as he seizes control of Canadian society is confirming his understanding of the new rules.

Apartheid comes to the West:

Apartheid came to mean racial discrimination, but in reality, it was an authoritarian political culture that created a hierarchy of citizenship. In the case of Africa, it was the white founding population that sat at the top. It was not particularly different from the caste system on the Indian subcontinent. Instead of culture defining the layers, the African system was based on definitions of race. What is shaping up in the West is an apartheid system based on perceived political beliefs.

In the case of Canada, Trudeau and the rest of the political class are committed to the post-Marxist ideology that has evolved in the elite. That is at the top of the new political order and those who worship at that alter have full privileges. At the bottom are those who hold what are defined as the most dangerous ideas, things like nativism, patriotism and nationalism. Those people will have the least privileges. As Macron made clear during Covid, these people are not even people. …

The left’s collective has no conscience:

January 6th and now the trucker protests are stops in this great transformation of society by the unitary hive mind of the managerial elite. Derek Chauvin goes to jail for life for the death of George Floyd. Kim Potter gets two years in jail for shooting an unarmed man in a traffic stop. Mohamed Noor got four years for executing a white woman trying to flag down the police. Everything is now defined by this new hierarchy as conceived by the hive mind.

There is no one inside the hive mind to object to this transformation, because that risks being ejected from the protection of the collective. The random cruelty of the system against its perceived opponents is as much about defending itself from internal dissent as it is from external threat. If the police are laughing about trampling old people with their horses, they are not going to question the order to drag a party member from his home in the middle of the night.

This is the new world order.

We let Klaus Schwab and his comrades take over, sadly.