America Is Not Divided; It’s Being Hijacked By A Noisy Woke Minority

America Is Not Divided; It’s Being Hijacked By A Noisy Woke Minority. By Alexander Zubatov.

It seems lately like everywhere, on both the Right and the Left, we are hearing a chorus of voices tell us America is hopelessly divided and on the brink of a second civil war. …

But what if the appearance of a great, insuperable divide is vastly overstated or even being deliberately amplified …?

  • There is a great deal of talk about transsexual athletes … However, is that a strong majority of Americans — 62 percent — hold the commonsense view that athletes shouldn’t get to compete in categories other than those corresponding to their birth genders, while only 34 percent have a different view.
  • The streaming of illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border has become the subject of apparently fierce debate, and yet, looking behind the headlines, a clear 71 percent of Americans believe it is unacceptable for people to enter this country illegally.
  • “Defunding the police” is a policy proposal that has been headline news ever since the BLM protests and riots of summer 2020. However, this one isn’t even close: 84 percent of Americans oppose defunding, with 47 percent believing that funding for police should actually be increased. Only 15 percent favor less funding. …
  • 62 percent of Americans oppose reparations, with 46 percent being definite in that view, while only 17 percent are strong proponents of the view that reparations should definitely be paid.
  • Amidst all the hubbub over critical race theory in our schools, clear majorities of Americans believe that schools should be teaching the truth about both slavery (78 percent) and racism (73 percent). But 86 percent of Americans also believe that schools are going beyond the facts and pushing a problematic political agenda, with 63 percent considering this a major problem; relatedly, 74 percent of Americans believe that race has become too much of a focus in our schools, with 49 percent deeming this a major problem as well.
  • If we listen to the media propagandists, Biden’s commitment to nominating a black woman for the Supreme Court seat being vacated by the retiring Justice Stephen Breyer is an A-OK, even progressive, thing to do. More than three-quarters of Americans surveyed, however, know better: 76 percent believe Biden should be considering “all possible nominees” and not just a black woman, while only 23 percent want him to stay committed to his current plan. …
  • 76 percent of us are done with affirmative action by race in university admissions, and an even higher 81 percent oppose gender-based admissions. Shocking as it may sound to some, most of us believe that scarce slots should be awarded based on merit rather than melanin or other inborn traits. …

But if so many of these pressing matters which we have been conditioned to think of as hot-button issues spurring widespread dissent are, in reality, the subjects of widespread consensus, where is the disconnect?

The media is the problem:

The answer is depressingly simple: massively overrepresented in media, academia, and among social influencers of every other sort, screeching “progressive” elites are driving our dialogue, sending us into a sharp left turn off the straight and narrow path.

The truth:

According to the comprehensive 2018 “Hidden Tribes” report from More in Common, an organization dedicated to fighting political polarization, just 8 percent of the country falls into the tribe the authors dub “Progressive Activists.”

Progressive Activists have strong ideological views, high levels of engagement with political issues, and the highest levels of education and socioeconomic status.

Their own circumstances are secure. They feel safer than any group, which perhaps frees them to devote more attention to larger issues of social justice in their society. They have an outsized role in public debates …

They are highly sensitive to issues of fairness and equity in society, particularly regarding race, gender, and other minority group identities. Their emphasis on unjust power structures leads them to be very pessimistic about fairness in America. They are uncomfortable with nationalism and ambivalent about America’s role in the world.

Consistent with the report’s findings, it is no secret that politically engaged Democrats and liberals are massively overrepresented in media and academia, both of which are progressively becoming even more heavily skewed left with the passing years. …

Oh the lying media:

While President Trump was widely demonized for calling the media “fake news” and the “enemy of the people,” the people, it seems, actually agree with him.

In a July 2021 Rasmussen poll, 58 percent of likely voters agreed that “the media is truly the enemy of the people.” And in a still more recent Gallup poll from October 2021, the percentage of Americans who trusted the media was a meager 7 percent.

Scandal-plagued CNN’s 90 percent ratings free-fall over the course of the past year may be not a mere aberration but part of a broader trend in which people have begun to tune out all of these ratings-driven spreaders of sensationalized “breaking news,” profit-driven racial hysteria, thinly veiled regime propaganda, polarizing political bias, and mass misinformation. …

Don’t be tricked into giving up and losing:

We must break the spell and realize that we have the strength of numbers on our side. Then, we need to overcome the collective action problem that afflicts all diffuse majorities and band together to fight a culture war to take back our institutions from the sinister forces that have co-opted them.

On issue after issue it’s that same 8% we are fighting, plus whatever allies they can bribe or trick onto their side.