Just like that: In Austria, Germany and Switzerland — most covid restrictions will be gone in March

Just like that: In Austria, Germany and Switzerland — most covid restrictions will be gone in March. By Joanne Nova.

The Austrian situation is the most incredible turnaround. They had one of the most brutal mandatory vaccination programs in the world only a few weeks ago and now even laws made a few weeks ago look like they will never be enacted.

With terrible timing the Austrian government only approved the draconian mandatory vaccination laws on Jan 20th, just in time for everyone to realize that the vaccines didn’t work, and Omicron wasn’t an emergency.

Strangely the all new monster mandatory vaccination rule technically still exists, but may be scrapped before it even starts. How can it be justified to let unvaccinated people into pubs and clubs where superspreading events occur but then also fine them €1000 ea month for being unvaccinated? The absurdity of it destroys itself. …

Germany announces end to most COVID restrictions on March 20:

Germany’s leaders on Wednesday announced plans to end most of the country’s coronavirus restrictions by March 20, a decision that coincided with moves by neighboring Austria and Switzerland to drop many of their curbs sooner. …

Switzerland lifts most Covid-19 restrictions:

The Swiss government has decided to drop most coronavirus restrictions from Thursday as the record levels of infections triggered by the Omicron variant have not translated into a peak of hospitalisations.

It’s amazing how fast a psychological state can unravel.  If the mandates had real benefits, they would not evaporate so fast.

Collecting stories of the ending of mandatory restrictions helps all of us still living under them.

Much of the talk about vaccine mandates and massive fines for non-compliance was just bluff.