‘I Feel Like We’re on the Run’: The Hatred for Democrats in Rural America Has Reached Biblical Levels

‘I Feel Like We’re on the Run’: The Hatred for Democrats in Rural America Has Reached Biblical Levels. By Matt Vespa.

In rural America, pro-Joe Biden stickers are hidden. Democrats feel like they’re “on the run.” And some party members feel that total annihilation could be upon them soon if the party doesn’t change their rhetoric about people who aren’t like them (via Associated Press):

The party’s brand is so toxic in the small towns 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh that some liberals have removed bumper stickers and yard signs and refuse to acknowledge publicly their party affiliation. These Democrats are used to being outnumbered by the local Republican majority, but as their numbers continue to dwindle, those who remain are feeling increasingly isolated and unwelcome in their own communities.

“The hatred for Democrats is just unbelievable,” said Tim Holohan, an accountant based in rural McKean County who recently encouraged his daughter to get rid of a pro-Joe Biden bumper sticker. “I feel like we’re on the run.”

The climate across rural Pennsylvania is symptomatic of a larger political problem threatening the Democratic Party heading into the November elections. Beyond losing votes in virtually every election since 2008, Democrats have been effectively ostracized from the overwhelmingly white parts of rural America, leaving party leaders with few options to reverse a cultural trend that is redefining the political landscape. …

Democrats … [have] had years to [try and right the ship], and they haven’t done it. They can’t do it, frankly. The money and the activist pool are all centered around the ‘woke’ slice of the Democratic base. …

When you hate people, don’t be shocked if they redirect that hate back at you. And please, let’s not cry about these poor rural Democrats living in fear. They should since their agenda aims to destroy the country, but liberals in the cities would happily burn what few conservatives reside in their dominion so it cuts both ways.

What two decades of identity politics and anti-white discrimination will do for a party.