Cold War-era East Berlin had armed checkpoints — now Ottawa does too

Cold War-era East Berlin had armed checkpoints — now Ottawa does too. By Joe Warmington.

It has already been nicknamed Checkpoint Trudeau. …

Canada’s capital, operating under the Emergencies Act, now has ‘no go zones” similar to a police state. Authorities set up checkpoints with armed police officers in downtown Ottawa on Thursday …

To get through the Berlin Wall under communism, people had to go through entry points known as Checkpoint Alpha, Checkpoint Bravo and, of course, Checkpoint Charlie. Now to get into through Ottawa’s police manned border points, people must produce papers to prove they live in the area or have a reason to be there.

“It’s surreal,” said witness Herbert Hildebrandt. “I feel like I am on the wrong side of the wall in Berlin in 1989.”

But this is Canada. …

Truckers are not worried.

“It’s all smoke and mirrors,” said Niagara-area trucker Harold Jonker, who drove the first truck in to the protest and plans to be the last truck to leave. “We are not doing anything wrong and they know that.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who enflamed this crisis by using words like “fringe” and “tin foil hats” to describe truckers and supporters, does not agree.

As of Thursday night, at least six arrests had been made, including outspoken ‘Freedom Convoy’ organizer Tamara Lich.

The ruling class has grown tired of democracy, which no longer meets its needs. The fist is back.