If the USA Had a Real President, Here’s How He (or She) Would React to Trudeau’s War on Canadians’ Freedom

If the USA Had a Real President, Here’s How He (or She) Would React to Trudeau’s War on Canadians’ Freedom. By Robert Spencer.

If we had an American president right now, he would make a major address tonight. He would address Trudeau directly, and remind him that freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are cornerstones of any free society.

He would detail how dangerous a precedent the Canadian prime minister is setting by freezing the truckers’ bank accounts and would note that such tyrannical measures could just as easily be used against Trudeau and his allies if the opposition were ever to come to power. …

This fictional president would remind Trudeau that the entire Anglo-American political tradition going back to the Magna Carta in 1215 has been a trajectory of the recognition of the rights of the individual, as well as limitations on the powers of government as a guard against tyrannical rulers making questionable use of vaguely worded laws in order to crush their opponents and preserve themselves in power.

He would scold the Canadian for trampling upon that tradition, and quote some ringing words from Ronald Reagan or Alexander Solzhenitsyn about how tyranny crushes the human spirit and must be resisted.

Working class hero

Then the real president would get down to business. He would issue a warning: if Trudeau seizes the truckers’ bank accounts, Canadian assets in the United States will likewise be frozen until the Canadian government returns the funds to the truckers. He would tell Trudeau that the United States of America is not favorably disposed to having a tyranny on its northern border, and that unless Canada guarantees human rights even for political dissidents, its relationship with the U.S. will suffer, and Canada will decline economically and in its political standing worldwide.

As if.

Biden encouraged Trudeau to go full Nazi, to invoke Canada’s emergency powers for the first time in history. Woke people have got no sense of proportion, and always favor coercion over persuasion.

Biden, of course, is afraid of a similar movement in his country.




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