In This Fight, Justin Trudeau Is George Wallace

In This Fight, Justin Trudeau Is George Wallace. by John Nolte.

How far is Adolph Trudeau willing to go to enforce unjust laws that discriminate and violate human rights? That’s the question this glorious Freedom Convoy is forcing him to answer.

By any measure, Trudeau’s vaccine mandates are indefensible. Trudeau’s dehumanizing rhetoric against the unvaccinated (or those who support the vaccine and oppose mandates) is monstrous. Trudeau’s willingness to practice open segregation against people over personal medical choices is tyrannical.

What Democrat Gov. George Wallace was to the civil rights movement, Justin Trudeau is to the Freedom Convoy.

Selma, Alabama, 1965

Trudeau is the villain fighting an unjust cause.

Trudeau is the fascist willing to destroy innocent people’s livelihoods to enforce immoral laws.

Trudeau is the gangster ready to commit violence rather than admit he is wrong.

If you want to know why Trudeau has been forced into hiding and why he serially melts down into a puddle of fecklessness in public, it’s because he is wrong. It’s that simple. He has no moral ground to stand on, which is why he’s attempted to manufacture it with lies about “racists” and “swastikas.”

But in this ongoing civil rights standoff, everyone knows the bottom-line question is this…

How far is Trudeau willing to go to enforce a mandate for a vaccine that doesn’t even stop the spread of the coronavirus? How much violence is he willing to commit? How many livelihoods is he willing to annihilate for a vaccine that doesn’t even stop you from catching the virus?

Not that the success of the vaccine matters. Even if the vaccine did eradicate the virus, his stance would be just as immoral, but now that we know the vaccine does not stop the transmission, his stand looks especially foolish.

Like George Wallace and his fellow Democrat Bull Connor and all the Democrats who created and enforced Jim Crow, Trudeau is a bully checkmated by his own immoral choices.

Trudeau is wrong.

The truckers are right.

Your move, Adolph.