Bill Maher talking the left around on the Canadian trucker’s convoy

Bill Maher talking the left around on the Canadian trucker’s convoy. By Alyssa Guzman. Bill Maher is a leftist comedian, but lately has taken to pointing out that the woke have gone too far.

Maher also bought up the ‘elitist’ culture — those who are ‘staying home in their Lululemon’s’ and who can afford to ‘wait out for a free vacation and money from the government’ — and how they do not understand why ‘those who can’t’ are angry.

‘They’re pissed off — the people who can’t,’ Maher said.

Lululemon is a fashionable brand of yoga clothes at premium prices

When Maher questioned panelists about whether they thought this was something bigger than just vaccine mandates, Woke Inc author Vivek Ramaswamy agreed that this was an ‘uprising of everyday citizens’ and the ‘unelected class of leaders.’

‘These are the unelected class leaders that ultimately, I think, are using the bureaucratic power to supplant the will of every day,’ Ramaswamy said.

‘Not only Americans but Canadians and Western Europeans too. And that’s why we’re seeing a fusion of both the left and the right here saying that: “Actually we want our voices heard. We want to be able to speak without fear of putting food on the dinner table.”

The left are recognizing something big and authentic here, and belatedly want to claim some ownership of the truckers.

Pivoting to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 50, Maher said: ‘Justin Trudeau, I used to think he was a really cool guy, but then I started to read what he said.’

Maher highlighted quotes from September where the PM called the unvaccinated population ‘misogynistic’ and that they ‘don’t believe in science.’

‘They don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynistic, often racist,’ the Canadian PM said in September. ‘They take up space, and with that we have to make a choice – in terms of a leader in a country – do we tolerate these people?’

‘No, they’re not,’ Maher said on Friday. ‘Tolerate these people? Now you do sound like Hitler.’

The “Trudeau = Hitler” meme is even spreading on the left.