Furious protester demands to know what the f*ck he is protesting about

Furious protester demands to know what the f*ck he is protesting about. By The Shovel.

Holding a ‘No Lockdown’, ‘QAnon’, ‘My body my choice’, National Rifle Association and Nazi placard, as well as a Eureka flag and a quote from the United States Constitution, a ‘Convoy to Canberra’ protester says he will be here every single day until someone tells him what on earth he is protesting about.

Shouting “What do we want? To work out why we’re here! When do we want it? Before we inexplicably turn up again tomorrow!” John Tallis, 49, joined others in the crowd demanding answers.

“I’m livid,” he told the crowd over a megaphone. “Day in, day out we come here and still no-one can tell us why. Well it’s time for this government to stop withholding this information from us. It’s a breach of the 1949 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and we’ve had enough!”

Mary Wetherby, also in the crowd, said she too had had enough. “I look around at other people going out to pubs and nightclubs and it begs the question, what the actual fuck am I doing here? That’s why I’m here today. Enough lies. I want answers”.

The site is a humor site, but they have a serious point. The Australian protest is very unfocused, distracted by fringe elements with a range of other causes. No discipline, no trucks, and almost no impact I’m afraid.

In contrast, the Canadian truckers are led by a bunch of planners with military and media experience, who have out-thought the government at every turn. They stay cheerful and on message, and focused on removing vaccine mandates.