Vladimir Putin ‘has decided to invade Ukraine on Wednesday’

Vladimir Putin ‘has decided to invade Ukraine on Wednesday’. By Harry Howard.

The heightened U.S. rhetoric followed new intelligence that suggested Russia is to launch an attack on Ukraine next Wednesday, February 16 — according to German newspaper Der Speigel.

Information received by the Secret Service, CIA and other intelligence services uncovered detailed plans, and went as far as to outline routes that will likely be taken by individual Russian units and the roles they might play.

On Friday, U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Washington believes Vladimir Putin could invade Ukraine any day, and issued a warning to Americans in the country: Get out immediately because the U.S. will not be coming back to rescue anyone. …

PBS reporter Nick Schifrin tweeted on Friday: ‘US officials anticipate a horrific, bloody campaign that begins with two days or aerial bombardment and electronic warfare, followed by an invasion, with the possible goal of regime change.’

And late on Friday night, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko urgently warned the city’s citizens about the danger of a Russian attack. The former heavyweight boxing champion’s statement – the first serious warning to the city’s population — was issued late last night on social media. …

The Foreign office’s advice comes a day after US President Joe Biden urged all American citizens to leave the country. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Latvia, Norway and the Netherlands also told their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately, while Israel said it was evacuating relatives of embassy staff.

Some predictions are vague or far off, so it takes ages to see if they come true. Not this one.