Australia’s convoy descends on the capital

Australia’s convoy descends on the capital. By Avi Yemini. One of the biggest protests in years.

A huge crowd is building in Canberra as the anti-mandate Convoy To Canberra protest gains momentum in the nation’s capital.

Last night traffic was brought to a standstill as cars, caravans, trucks and buses flooded into the city from all states. …

Thousands chanted ‘SACK THEM ALL’ outside Parliament, frustrated by the lack of action in removing vaccine mandates and restrictions. Many in the crowd have lost their livelihoods due to the mandates, with some firefighters, paramedics, nurses and pilots wearing the uniforms they used to put on every day for work.


The big difference with the Canadian protest is that there are no trucks, and the encampment for the protestors is miles away from Parliament House, out of sight and out of mind. Pretty low impact stuff. No threat to the politicians, no threat to the economy. Just harmlessly blowing off steam. It will basically be ignored by Australia’s rulers.

The impact mainly just consists of intermittent road blockages for Canberra residents. Canberra is 98%+ vaccinated (over 16s), so don’t expect much sympathy from the irritated locals.