Truckers stay cool and win, Trudeau loses the moral highground

Truckers stay cool and win, Trudeau loses the moral highground. By Joanne Nova.

The Truckers are winning by staying resolutely absolutely polite and disciplined while they have a rollicking good time, with mischievous tricks to stay “ahead of the police”.

By being family oriented, dedicatedly patriotic and steadfastly peaceful, they are showing Canada how fake the news is, and how out of touch Justin Trudeau is. They are gaining the support of more people as the news spreads and the protests grow.

When a judge banned honking:

They obey the ruling, and rev their massive engines instead. The singing, cheering and whooping sound like a party or festival.

When Trudeau’s police stole their diesel:

There are more red jerry cans than ever, most carrying water or nothing at all, so that the police cannot possibly stop the fuel getting through.

When Trudeau bought all the hotel rooms:

At one point, the Canadian government used taxpayer money to book out every hotel room near the protest to make it impossible for the Truckers to get accommodation. @Shimjelly has videoed a hotel basement completely empty of cars in a supposedly booked out hotel. It’s just sheer malicious waste to use the Truckers taxes against them. But it didn’t work. The Truckers found other accommodation or slept in their trucks. …

Trudeau has lost the moral highground:

He has tried to tar and smear the Truckers, call them racist, and it’s failed. There is no easy way out — he’s painted himself in a corner. It’s a game of double or nothing and it looks more ridiculous by the day. As long as the Truckers stay defiantly Canadian, and completely well behaved, they will win.

Trudeau could have stopped this all so easily — all he has to do is take away the vaccine mandates — instead there are no paths to victory left for him that don’t involve a major back-down or tyrannical force. He loses either way. …

Trudeau can’t order the police, the tow trucks, or the military to take the trucks away. The police are apparently taking long service leave and holidays, and the tow truck drivers “all have Covid”. …

The Truckers refuse to do any interviews with the hostile press (like the CBC). This is excellent — it denies the CBC the footage to use against them in heavily misleading edits. It denies the CBC any relevance at all.

Well done truckers.

I wonder if Trudeau has learned any respect for them yet, or is he still trying to expel them with his cuss words that are losing their magic (racist, Nazi, etc)?