Trucker Convoy: Trudeau doesn’t know how to solve this — Freeze them out?

Trucker Convoy: Trudeau doesn’t know how to solve this — Freeze them out? By Joanne Nova.

All Trudeau has to do is declare vaccination is voluntary…

The Trucks can’t be towed away — apparently all the towing companies “have Covid”. And the worse, the Truckers have been resolutely peaceful and considerate (honking aside).

The protests are spreading, not shrinking. The Ambassador Bridge is now also blockaded — that’s the major bridge connecting Detroit, Michigan and Windsor. Hundreds of truckers on the Alberta border are still gathered there. Hordes of cowboys have joined them. In Alaska, trucks are gathering too.

The Ottawa Mayor has declared a “State of Emergency” because people were burning down buildings, destroying statues, and looting Nike stores — wait… that’s fine. It’s a state of emergency because they’re honking horns.

Trudeau could have come out to meet the workers revolution, listen to them, and negotiate, as any good leader would. Instead, the troopers started to arrest people carrying cans of fuel or propane gas to support the Truckers. Staying warm in parked trucks is an act of insurrection. It was minus 5C last night in Ottawa, and it’s forecast to be minus 20 this weekend. …

One third of Canadians feel they have a lot in common with the Truckers protest. Obviously it includes a lot of vaccinated people as well. … So much for it being “fringe”. …

The DailyMail, quotes one Brian Gregg, a trucker from the US who is at the protest in Ottawa, saying:

…he’s amazed at the amount of support the truckers have received from the public.

‘We have access to whatever we need. I haven’t spent a dime since I’ve been here.’

The Freedom Convoy is well organized, according to Gregg. ‘Every street with truck drivers parked on it has a block leader, about 20-30 drivers per block leader. The block leader is the person you go to if you need anything – food, gas, clothing, shelter, etc.’

Gas is a hot commodity to these diesel drivers who haven’t moved their trucks in over a week, while still idling their engines to keep warm. Gregg said men come by with wheelbarrows or wagons hauling 5-gallon jerry cans of diesel fuel to keep their trucks running.

Apparently US truckers are coming to help with spare diesel.

Name calling hasn’t worked for Trudeau. So now it’s the police and confiscating the trucker’s gas. Trudeau is scared and he doesn’t know how to stop this:

Are we living in pre-revolutionary times?