mRNA vaccines cause spike protein production to go beserk, producing more spikes than a person with severe covid

mRNA vaccines cause spike protein production to go beserk, producing more spikes than a person with severe covid. By Robert Malone.

Protein production of spike in people vaccinated with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine is higher than those of severely ill COVID-19 patients! …

This study asserts that the mRNA and the spike protein produced persists for weeks in lymph node germinal centers in human patients. Having worked with mRNA for decades, I can attest that this is highly unusual.

Hence, mRNA that is not being incorporated into cells at the injection site, is migrating to the lymph nodes … and continuing to express protein there. …

The study quantitatively measured spike protein levels in plasma after vaccination. Which, it turns out, are higher than the levels observed in a person with a severe COVID-19 infection. Just to write it, the fact that this is only now being discovered or it was known, released to the public is criminal in my opinion. This should have been characterized long ago, including prior to beginning human clinical trials. …

Something is preventing spike production from being turned off:

Protein expression is not being turned off, because the immune response against the mRNA/pseudouridine complex is either not happening or is ineffective. It may also be that the mRNA/pseudouridine complex has a longer half-life than normal mRNA. In either case, this is regulatory nightmare.

I do not know how to write this more strongly. This technology is immature. The WHO has approved six, more traditional vaccines, all of which the US government could license. These genetic vaccines are not the only option.

Was it caused by a dodge to get around a patent?

To note: The use of pseudouridine in these mRNA vaccines is not the only option. It has often been hypothesized that the reason Dr. Kariko added pseudouridine to the mRNA vaccine was to make an improvement to the original mRNA patents that I was an inventor on. An improvement to an existing patent allows commercialization of that patent. It is an old trick.

Our immune system is much more complicated than we understand. To be fiddling with it — with drugs that weren’t properly tested — is so reckless and foolish.

Closely behind the banning of ivermectin to much of the western world, approving mRNA vaccines is one of the biggest medical crimes ever.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific