Trump’s Small-Dollar Donors Steer ‘Modern’ GOP as Corporate Class Fades

Trump’s Small-Dollar Donors Steer ‘Modern’ GOP as Corporate Class Fades. By John Binder.

[In an Axios report] fourteen of the top GOP consultants and operatives detail how the Republican Party has shifted away from the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers’ network of donor class organizations, National Review, and economic libertarian groups toward Trump’s small-dollar donors, populist-nationalist outlets like Breitbart News, and Tucker Carlson.

These days, it is Trump’s voters, Breitbart News readers, and Carlson viewers that Republicans hope to win over in elections rather than seeking out corporate campaign contributions through endorsements from the Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks, and the Senate Conservatives Fund.

“You don’t want Breitbart on your ass,” a GOP operative told Axios.

“We all owe Donald Trump a great deal for singlehandedly destroying the corrupt globalist and corporatist orthodoxies that previously defined the Republican Party, in favor of a new Republican Party, that is pro-worker and always puts America first,” [J.D. Vance, the New York Times best-selling author now running for Senate in Ohio] told Breitbart News. …

Goodbye to the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers:

The Republican Party’s connections to the Chamber, while financially still tied, have faded dramatically in recent election years.

“If the U.S. Chamber of Commerce calls you and says ‘We want to endorse,’ You’re like, ‘Please don’t,’” a high-profile GOP political consultant told Axios. Most recently, the Chamber urged President Joe Biden and Congress to double legal immigration levels and provide amnesty to the nation’s 11 to 22 million illegal aliens. …

The same goes for the Koch network.

Whereas Republicans once vied for campaign cash from the Kochs, major backers of mass immigration and job-killing free trade, candidates try to steer clear of the network while running against open borders and in support of industrial policy to reshore America’s manufacturing base. …

New broom sweeps away monopolists:

Patrick Witt, running in Georgia’s 10th congressional district, told Breitbart News that the shift is a “recognition that beltway conservatives hide behind free market ideology while supporting anti-free market practices.” Big Tech, Witt said, is just one example.

“Those are not free markets. Those are monopolies.”

On the campaign trail, Witt said Republican primary voters are not interested in endorsements from beltway think tanks. Voters, he said, want fighters for their economic and social interests.

“The Republican Party needs a big wake-up call if they think big business is their friend,” Witt said. “It is often an enemy of social conservatism. The wake-up call is long overdue.”

The Great Realignment continues. The Tea Party and the Trump supporters are the real opposition to the bureaucratic professional/managerial class that rules and dominates all the institutions and the modern Democrats. The establishment Republicans with ties to big money and Washington think tanks prefer the bureaucrats and the rich who vote left, so are leaving the Republican Party for the Dems.