Anti-Rogan Operation Pivots from Covid Disinformation to Racism

Anti-Rogan Operation Pivots from Covid Disinformation to Racism. By Liz Shield.

We were told that Joe Rogan needed to be muzzled because he was spreading and promoting disinformation via his podcast (JRE). The source of his disinformation came from the guests he chose to have on his show. …

Spotify, who owns Rogan’s show, came forward and said they would label some episodes of JRE so people were alerted to the dangerous BLAH BLAH BLAH and wouldn’t unwittingly get exposed to an “unapproved” scientific opinion.

Rogan made a statement saying he would have a more diverse selection of guests, as if CNN or any other media operation strives to have a diverse panel of opinions or holds themselves accountable to their fake audiences.

That was a mistake, Joe. You can’t give these vultures any acknowledgement. It’s your show, it’s the most popular podcast in the country and probably in the world. No one is forced to listen to it, and those who have an objection to what your guests say are welcome to respond with their own videos or podcast. But you took the bait.



So now, imagine my surprise (not really) when the news broke that Rogan has on occasion used the n-word in his comedy material or podcast. Some outfit took the time to go through the entire Rogan repertoire to make a video with all the instances where the man used the n-word. I thought this was about dangerous anti-science but whiplash! We’re talking about racism.

I haven’t seen the video because the operation against Rogan isn’t about racism, it is about punishing Rogan because he is influential. He isn’t parroting the state-sanctioned mythology promulgated by the Cathedral therefore he is dangerous. We were initially told that Rogan was a threat to public health because he spoke with certain doctors. When the professional agitators couldn’t get Spotify to remove Rogan for covid speech crimes, they turned to racism. As I said this isn’t about covid disinformation, it never was. How long before we have a #metoo accusation?