Our democracy is no longer functioning properly, here’s proof

Our democracy is no longer functioning properly, here’s proof. By Tucker Carlson.

All of a sudden, pretty much every powerful person in the country is talking about something called democracy. …

Another way to describe democracy is popular representation. It’s a synonym. When the government does what citizens want it to do, you have a democracy. And when it doesn’t, you don’t. You no longer have a free country that is ruled by its people.

So what kind of system do we have? It’s easy to know. You find out what citizens care about and then you compare those concerns to what the people who run the government say they care about. If you’ve got a functioning democracy, there should be a fairly precise overlap. In a democratic system, leaders try very hard to speak for their voters. That’s the whole point of the government.

So let’s apply that test to the United States of America. What do our leaders care about? We know the answer because they tell us constantly. Our leaders care about equity and climate change. They care about trans rights, police brutality, the deadly insurrection on January 6th, mandatory vaccinations, more H1B visas for Indian tech workers and above all, at the moment, defending our closest ally, Ukraine, from Russian aggression. And of course, they care about third-wave academic feminism. That’s deeply important to them. …

What does the rest of America care about? Once again, we don’t have to guess about that. We’ve got a huge amount of public opinion polling on that subject.

At the top of the list, you’ll see government incompetence, the economy, the cost of living and immigration. Well, that’s weird. It is completely different from the list Joe Biden might have made. Equity, climate change, transgenderism mandatory vaccination, Jan. 6, Ukraine. Those trends seem to be pretty unimportant to most Americans. Some of those issues are at the very bottom of the list.

But how can that be? If global climate change is the most imminent existential crisis of our time, then why don’t voters seem concerned about it? We don’t know, but they’re definitely not concerned about it. Instead, Americans are very worried about inflation and crime. As it happens, and this tells you everything, those are the two topics the White House has dismissed recently as irrelevant and dumb. The White House isn’t at all worried about inflation and crime.