Whoopi Goldberg’s outrageous historical revisionism is achingly PC

Whoopi Goldberg’s outrageous historical revisionism is achingly PC. By Eve Barlow.

In a panel segment, host Whoopi Goldberg began, “the Holocaust isn’t about race.” She said it four times: “It’s not about race.” When asked to explain what it was about, Goldberg responded: “It’s about man’s inhumanity to man.”

She continued, “These are two white groups of people.” This is the version of the Holocaust that Goldberg and her cohorts agree children should be taught. A butchered, ahistorical, Americanized, watered-down, downright incorrect version of the Holocaust, in which white people were being — I guess — unkind towards one another. …

History reminder:

The Nazis believed in a hierarchy of races, in which they were superlative and the Jews were lesser. Not just lesser, the Jews were subhuman vermin. …

Jews can experience racism, and very much did during an industrialized attempt last century to eradicate us that led to the deaths of almost two-thirds of the world’s Jews. …

But the new PC version says racism is only about whites (all racist) versus black and browns (cannot be racist):

Ignoring this inconvenient historical truth is in line with the current agenda of U.S. corporate media — a navel-gazing, arrogant, and U.S.-centric schedule that promotes that all global events must be interpreted through American racial tropes, often weaponized behind the mouthpieces of “people of color,” who are the gatekeepers of the definition of racism.

The question of whether Jews can experience racism is a question older than America itself, because the Jews preclude America and American race discourse by thousands of years.

Arguing that the Holocaust wasn’t about race is as jarring as arguing that the history of slavery in America wasn’t about race. For the latter, a presenter on “The View” would most definitely have lost her job. But the price for peddling serious misinformation about the Jews isn’t considered as severe a moral crime in this country, because many people assume the same: Jews can’t experience racism, Jews are the white guys, or worse — Jews proliferate white supremacy, Jews are the problem.

Jewish identity cannot be explained by binary American ideas about race. We are not Jewish because of our skin tone. We are Jewish because of our ethnicity and our religion. You can be ethnically Jewish and non-religious and still as Jewish as a person who wasn’t born Jewish but converted to the highest levels of orthodox observation. As far as our ethnicity and ancestry, Jews are indigenous to the Levant, hence our return to a homeland in the Middle East: Israel. See, it’s not black and white. …

Ill-informed words sometimes provoke violence. And nonsense arguments like Goldberg’s lead to the very kernel of leftist antisemitism (in the form of antizionism), which claims Jews are white oppressors and that the Israel-Palestine conflict is between white settlers who stole the land of oppressed black and brown people.

The US leftists are moulding world history to meet their electoral strategy of identity politics. It will fail, of course.

Anti-white racism is the new anti-Semitism.

The Jews are not happy about being lumped in with all the other whites. Out of the frying pan and into the fire?