Whoopi at the Racial Grievance Olympics: It’s all about me!

Whoopi at the Racial Grievance Olympics: It’s all about me! By Ace of Spades.

I think [ABC/Disney] blew up and maybe put out the word that they were angry enough to fire her, just to get her to back down off her “White People Cannot be the Victims of Racism, and Jews are White People” black racist political stance. …

Whoopi described the Holocaust as “white people doing it to white people. So, this is y’all go fight amongst yourselves.

Wow. The Holocaust is just white people shit, white people Doing Some Things to each other. Got nothing to do with me. Not interested!

Well, you know, the great majority of white people whose ancestors did not emigrate to America until after the Civil War, or were far too poor to own slaves, or who were Northerners, would also like to explore this “ain’t got nothin’ to do with me” philosophy you’re sketching out here, Whoopi.

But that is a really dismissive and nasty take on the Holocaust. And therefore it’s 100% honest — this is white people shit. Whoopi don’t care. She’s got no Grievance Stakes in this.

And furthermore, she insist that there are no racial Grievance Stakes to be had here, because “it’s not about race.” Racial grievance is something only her race gets to wallow in.

This is all a nasty political game about deciding about which races deserve racial sympathy, and which — such as, here, the Jews — do not. …

Whoopi’s racial calculus is odious but it’s all but accepted as Scientific Fact by the Media-Government Complex: There is no such thing as racism against white people, and as conservative Jews realized long ago, and as progressive Jews are only learning now to their alarm, “white people” is defined as including them for these purposes.

But the rage and bluster was enough to get Whoopi to climb down, for the moment, from her insistence that she was right, “as a black person,” that there is no possible racial animus unless there’s a black person being victimized.

The narrative people just love “Black lives matter.” But “all lives matter” or “white lives matter” are just racist, they say. See where that bigotry leads?

Isn’t tribal politics ugly?