Nowhere To Run To

Nowhere To Run To. By Hannes Wessels.

As an African of European descent I have long longed for the day our leaders would take their cue from Western role models and improve the quality of governance visited upon populations struggling under mostly corrupt, incompetent, authoritarian misrule. …

The unraveling of the rule of law on [Biden’s] watch should not surprise because it is now abundantly clear that the Biden family, particularly the president’s son Hunter, has been brazenly peddling political influence for massive financial gain for many years. Just as in Africa, the ruling family appears to be completely above the law, as does the ruling Democratic Party, wherein the Clintons constitute a powerful presence. And as happens so often in Africa, the law enforcement agencies have been comprehensively corrupted to fit the agenda that suits the best interests of the party and not the people. This is a sure signal the country is indeed on the slippery slope that involves selective use of the law, endemic abuse of positions of power, and the end of true democracy.

In the U.K., hopes that Boris Johnson would use his undoubted intellect and his large parliamentary majority to reject populism and lead his country boldly, in a way that would remind Britons they have much to be proud of, have been all but dashed. When mobs took to the streets in Taliban-like fashion and illegally tore down historic monuments, he, along with the police, simply looked the other way. In the face of the woke wave sweeping the country and trumpeting white guilt for all the country’s ills, he is mute. Johnson himself has become a Woke Warrior! … In the great African tradition, he, and those with whom he wields power, never for a moment let the draconian legislation they had foisted on the electorate interfere with their lifestyles. Clearly, they knew it was all rubbish because now we know, partying at 10 Downing Street and other places occupied by the ruling elite continued unabated and in contravention of the law. …

The West is heading in this direction

In Australia, a country I so recently believed was made up of people imbued with a form of rugged individualism, it appears the “nanny state” has prevailed and produced a nation filled with hysterical hypochondriacs, scared witless by the blandishments of bureaucrats and politicians intoxicated by the acquisition of excessive power readily discarded by the frightened citizenry who obey rules to the nth degree. And out of this confected climate of fear a police state has revealed itself for all to see. Any country that proclaims Novak Djokovic — one of the world’s greatest-ever tennis players and a role model to the world — “a threat to public order” has surely lost its way.

The last US election was so African too. Counting was stopped before it was finished in the crucial races (which had never happened before), then ballot boxes stuffed full of votes arrived during the night, and the next morning the loser had miraculously become the winner!

UPDATE: New movie coming soon, based on new surveillance footage of ballot drop boxes: