It Sucks To Be a Democrat Right Now

It Sucks To Be a Democrat Right Now. By Ned Ryun.

If you’re a Democrat, things are going very, very badly for you. And it’s not going to get better.

According to a recent McLaughlin and Associates study, 65 percent of likely voters believe that the United States is on the wrong track. …

The McLaughlin study also showed that Joe Biden’s approval rating has crumbled to 41 percent, which is high compared to Quinippiac’s 33 percent. NBC poll numbers were so bad that noted corporate propagandist and regime cheerleader, Chuck Todd, who masquerades as a journalist for that network, admitted that Biden’s numbers put Democrats in the “shellacking” range for the midterms. Todd noted that the overwhelming majority of voters think Biden is “no longer seen as competent and effective.” …

For some perspective on how bad Biden’s numbers are for the fall, in 2010 Obama’s approval rating was down in the mid-40s. In those midterms Democrats lost 63 seats in the House and seven in the Senate. Now take Biden’s numbers, which are anywhere from five to 12 points worse than Obama’s and you get the picture. …

Crazy prejudiced Dems have lost popular support:

We should also be mindful of the parents’ revolt at the school board level. Parents of all political stripes have had enough. That is the real story of what took place in Virginia: Republican, Democratic, and independent parents all revolted against the school boards’ insanity of lockdowns, mandates, refusal to teach advanced courses, and CRT. That dynamic is playing out all across the country and with gale-force political winds likely pushing these issues in the fall, we would do well to make sure thousands of right-thinking parents are actually running for those school board positions.

Many Americans are realizing how much power has been taken away from us. The dynamics of 2022 and the current political climate give us a chance to start taking that power back.

Then democracy has to go, or at least be significantly more “fortified”. The ruling class is in control of every institution right now — one does not simply win against them in a fair election.