There’s no more fearful despot than Canada’s Prime Minister

There’s no more fearful despot than Canada’s Prime Minister. By Tucker Carlson.

Do you ever notice how almost all of the leaders of almost all the countries in the Western world, particularly in the English-speaking Western world, seem kind of the same? They’re what we call neoliberal. They’re all weak and fearful, if you think about it.

And yet if you listen to them talk, you’d think they were omnipotent: ‘We’re going to reverse global climate change. We’re going to vaccinate the world. We’re going to end all human prejudice and replace it with equity. We’re going to spread democracy to the untutored nations with guns, and they’re going to love us for it. We can do all these things because we’re all-powerful. We’re like gods. You shall have no gods before us.’

Now, mostly they’re puny people. But when they speak, they sound like Caesar standing in purple robes in the forum, commanding the known world. Joe Biden very often sounds like this, so does that squeaky little woman with weird teeth who runs New Zealand. They all sound like this. They’re unbelievably grandiose. It’s by design. They’d rather talk about redeeming humanity than bother to fix your kid’s school or replace the stop sign at the end of your block.

So you’ve got to wonder, why do they talk this way? And the answer, of course, is because they’re terrified. They claim to be powerful because they know they’re not. It’s a bluff. It’s a calculated pose. In fact, they know exactly how weak they are. They understand how little popular support they actually have, and they can feel their grasp slipping. And if you wonder if that’s true, notice how they overreact to the slightest challenge to their power.

Remember a year ago when the QAnon Shaman skipped through Congress on his mescaline trip, giggling and spreading good vibes? It was kind of amusing. But Democrats in Washington were panicked by it, so panicked they called in the U.S. Army and sent that poor guy to prison. It’s weird how touchy they get when you suggest they stole the presidential election, I wonder why?

But this is not the behavior of secure leaders. This is how despots act when they fear they’re about to be overthrown. And there’s no more fearful despot in the world than Justin Trudeau of Canada. …

Justin Trudeau is behind the times, copying the tactics of the US left from a few years ago:

TRUDEAU: I have attended protests and rallies in the past when I agreed with the goals, when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues, Black Lives Matter is an excellent example of that.

So I’ll meet with the people at a rally as long as I agree with their goals, as long as they agree with me, it’s totally fine, like Black Lives Matter. You get the sense even someone as dim as Justin Trudeau realizes this is not a winning argument. He needed his friends in state media to help. So they trotted out some attack lines against the truckers lines they borrowed directly from CNN and NBC News here in the States. So here’s Canada’s state broadcaster inventing a claim, out of nothing, that Vladimir Putin himself may be responsible for this trucker convoy. …

Russia, of course, Putin did it. There’s no evidence of that. No sources. They’ve just been reading American Twitter. And the state media anchor is deeply concerned. Who buys this? No one’s going to buy this, it’s so prima facie absurd, so they just kept going. Here’s Justin Trudeau from his bunker offering yet another reason to distrust the junta running the newly formed nation of Truckistan, formerly known as Canada.

TRUDEAU: We won’t give in to those who fly racist flags. We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans.

Dishonor the memory, too many Canadian flags. There are like three bad people in the crowd, so ignore them all, ladies and gentlemen. Thankfully, by contrast, no one in any BLM rally ever torched a courthouse or shot anybody or burned down a building. But these truckers, apparently, there was a racist flag. So pay no attention. Now in the United States, we probably wouldn’t fall for this at this late date. We’re a little jaded at this point because we’ve seen it so many times. Oh, they had a Confederate flag, never mind, we can ignore their concerns. The election was totally fine.

So again, we’ve seen it before. But in Canada, they probably haven’t seen it, they’re a few years behind us. And so, you know, they’re kind of impressed by it. Claims like this happened here a few months ago, as you may remember, when Democratic operatives carried around tiki torches to smear Glenn Youngkin as a White supremacist. Again, Trudeau had reason to think Canadians hadn’t seen that, and he might be able to get away with it. Trudeau has been honing this line of argument for months now. Last September, you may remember he accused people who opposed mandatory vaccination, getting a shot because the government requires it, of being racist.

TRUDEAU: But also, there are people who are fiercely opposed to vaccination. Who don’t believe in science. Who are often misogynist, often racist too.

Poor Canadians. They’re good people. They don’t have a lot of news sources. They’ve been exposed nonstop for two years to this kind of propaganda. If you don’t believe in mandatory injection with an experimental medicine, you’re a racist. …

Deep state skulduggery?

You’ll notice in the shot there’s only one person who has his face completely covered. And he happens to be carrying a Confederate flag. Now the crowd looks at him and says, oh, wait a second, we know who you are, you’re Ray Epps. Oh, sorry, but we don’t trust you. In exactly the way the crowd in Washington the night before January 6th of last year said to Ray Epps, Get out of here, fed.

So the people on the scene didn’t believe that guy was anything but a provocateur, and we don’t know exactly who he was. We’ll let you make your own conclusions from that. But we’re supposed to believe that this one guy in the full face mask with a Confederate flag proves the entire protest is racist.

Notice that Trudeau and the ruling class are not arguing the issues with the protestors. Instead they are smearing them. Which tells you a lot.

hat-tip Stephen Neil