Small businesses languish while bureaucrats prosper in leftist wonderland

Small businesses languish while bureaucrats prosper in leftist wonderland. By Xin Du. Victoria is the most left-wing state in Australia and its leader, Dan Andrews, is the most left wing state premier.

Victorian budget papers in May 2021 showed an almost 10 per cent increase in employee costs, worth $3.2 billion, towards a total of $36 billion for the next financial year. The wage bill before the Andrews government took office was $21 billion. In his two terms, Premier Daniel Andrews has increased the wage bill of public servants by more than 70 per cent.

To put it in perspective, this increase for governmental employees is $1 billion dollars more than the financial support given to Victorian businesses by both the federal and state governments combined after the Delta outbreak.

Premier Andrews almost tripled the number of Victorian Public Service executives who can earn up to $479,900 since his time in office, increasing the number from 647 in 2014 to 1,742 by mid-2021. Victoria saw the biggest increase in public servants in the 2020-21 financial year, growing by 18,400 — far more than the second-placed New South Wales public service, which grew by 9,300. …

Just before implementing the 112-day lockdown in July 2020, Victorian politicians received an 11.8 per cent pay rise, adjudicated by an independent tribunal in 2019. Premier Andrews became the most well-paid premier in Australia, earning an additional $46,522 for an annual salary of $441,439. …

Covid policy: enlightened self-interest?

Two reasons behind the intransigence of Victoria’s draconian Covid regulations might be that those who make the policies are not suffering from the consequences of their actions and are in fact doing rather well for themselves. …

It is an extraordinarily unwise arrangement where the people who make important decisions that affect entire societies are precisely the ones who pay no price for being wrong.

The left is now the party of bureaucrats — the managerial and professional class — so their number one priority is increasing the number of well-paid bureaucratic jobs. Dan Andrews is their hero.