Cut-and-Run Justin Hides Behind Elite Media

Cut-and-Run Justin Hides Behind Elite Media. By Kelly Torrance.

You’ve heard of Hidin’ Biden. Our neighbor to the north, my native land, just outdid that with Cut-and-Run Justin. …

Trudeau had a chance to thank thousands of them personally over the weekend, as the truckers who’ve assembled what they call the Freedom Convoy to protest COVID vaccine mandates and restrictions cruised into the capital. Instead, he fled — breaking isolation to do it. …

While Justin was comfortably in hiding, thousands braved an extreme-cold warning to join the truck drivers who’d come to Parliament Hill from points east and west. Some say they won’t leave until lawmakers remove restrictions — or Trudeau resigns. …

The Freedom Convoy started as a vehicle to protest the mandate, which went into effect Jan. 15, that all travelers be fully vaccinated before crossing into Canada. From the start, it was about more than getting jabbed: 90% of Canadian truck drivers are fully vaxxed, far more than the 78% of the general population.

And it soon became a wider movement against heavy-handed governance.

Canadians and Americans see the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike spread the virus that’s mutated into a less dangerous variant and wonder why they have to show their papers to make a living. They watch case numbers drop, along with deaths and hospitalizations, and want to know when they’ll get their lives back.

Disdainful media, of course, spent days warning of violence to come and searched supporters’ messages for evidence of racism. “ ‘So many angry people’: Experts say online conversation around trucker convoy veering into dangerous territory” read a CTV News headline. CBC, Canada’s PBS and NPR, called Saturday’s protest “a raucous demonstration that has police on high alert for possible violence even as organizers urge the crowd to be peaceful.” Police said that night that “no incidents of violence or injuries” were reported and no protesters faced charges.

The elite media also paint the protesters as stupid hicks, claiming they don’t understand that provincial governments all have restrictions that Ottawa can do nothing about. But Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe told truckers he supports their “call to end the cross border ban on unvaccinated truckers” and announced his government will soon “be ending our proof of negative test/proof of vaccination policy in Saskatchewan.”