UPDATE: Convoy to Canberra

UPDATE: Convoy to Canberra

To repeat yesterday’s warning from 2011:

Australia had a big trucker protest in 2011, the “Convoy of No Confidence” against the carbon tax. The media gave it almost no coverage, despite big crowds in regional enters as the truckers converged on Canberra in multiple convoys from all over Australia.

When the convoy got to Canberra, the convoy organizers cooperated with the police. But the police tricked them into taking a route through and around Canberra that disrupted no one and was seen by no one. Like it never happened.

Looking through Australia’s newspapers, I cannot find even a whisper of this. Ahh, except the good old Daily Mail:

The convoy of cars between Pheasants Nest, NSW and the capital trailed for several kilometres. …

Protestors have flooded social media with videos showing long lines of convoys driving down highways and passing groups of cheering supporters.

One supporter said she waited with a ‘tribe’ on the Mount Street Bridge in North Sydney and waved Australian flags as a convoy passed underneath.

‘What an amazing day,’ she wrote. ‘I drove over to North Sydney to wait for the convoy to come through, half thinking I’d be there solo. …

One truck driver set up a billboard on the back of the trailer to slam vaccinations for children.

‘Covid-19 vaccine side effects,’ it read. ‘Don’t risk your child.’

Lots of photos at the link.

The Australian political circus is still in its summer holiday mode. The federal politicians and political media are not back in Canberra yet. With very few exceptions, having cast their lot with the vaccines and the bureaucratic state, they will do their best to ignore this protest.