Smearing the Truckers

Smearing the Truckers. By John Hinderaker.

Liberals have hoped for the protest to turn violent, but it hasn’t happened, as the New York Times grudgingly acknowledges:

Despite fears that the demonstration could turn violent, by Saturday evening the police said there had been no significant incidents.

This is how the Times describes the crowd:

Thousands of protesters on foot, many carrying handmade signs on hockey sticks, wandered through the parked vehicles and the slow-moving traffic or gathered on the lawn in front of Parliament. Some of them carried Canadian flags upside down; at least one flag had swastikas drawn on it.

Liberals always try to imply that if someone draws a swastika it means that person is pro-Nazi. Actually, it means (in this context, at least) that the person is accusing the Canadian government of using Nazi-like tactics. I don’t agree, but let’s not smear the protesters by inverting the intent behind their signs.

The London Times does the same thing, a little more blatantly:

There were chaotic scenes over the weekend as scores of articulated lorries began to roll in on Friday, joined by hundreds of pick-ups and cars, paralysing a large chunk of downtown Ottawa near the parliament building and filling the air with honks. Yesterday Canadian flags, “F*** Trudeau” banners and messages about tyranny mingled with Confederate flags, swastikas and the emblems of far-right groups.

The Times story includes a video of the protest that I can’t embed here. You see hundreds, maybe thousands of Canadian flags. No Confederate flags that I could spot. No swastikas. No “far right” emblems that I recognized. Just a sea of Canadian flags. But misrepresenting the right is the principal business of the left.

The authoritarians are smearing the protestors as Nazis. What projection.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the Nazis were leftists, collectivists who were only one step removed from communists. They were self–professed socialists (the “z” in Nazi comes from sozialist, the party’s full name being Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte) who knew best, with no respect for individual rights — just like the bureaucratic ruling class of today’s West.

What’s next? A Reichstag fire to give Canada it’s own Jan 6 excuse for suspending democracy?

Joanne Nova:

The Washington Post and Trudeau are already labeling this as “far right” and potentially violent. The truckers have gone out of their way to insist the protest is peaceful.

There is a real risk here that this protest could be turned against the protesters just as the unarmed January 6 Capitol Hill protest was.

Is a another false flag type incident on the cards? Who knows, but it would serve the autocrats if it happened, wouldn’t it? It would be used to discredit all the upstanding hardworking citizens just asking the government to let them choose their own medical treatment. Another fake insurrection. Another Reichstag fire?