Canada State Media Suggests Russia is Behind Truckers

Canada State Media Suggests Russia is Behind Truckers. By Julian Conradson.

CBC News, a Canadian state-sponsored media outlet, baselessly claimed that Russia is the criminal mastermind behind the massive truckers for freedom convoy.

CBC host Nil Koksal made the wild allegations on Friday when speaking with Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino.

The usual word-smithing for the made-up smear:

Despite no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the grassroots protest, Koksal claimed there “is [a] concern” that the Russians are running a nefarious secret operation to undermine Canada. Possibly, she says, because of the country’s support of Ukraine.

Koksal asked Mendicino outright about her concerns, implying that Russia may have even instigated the whole thing from the beginning.

“I do ask that because given Canada’s support of Ukraine, in this current crisis with Russia, I don’t know if it’s far fetched to ask but there is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things, as this protest grows, but perhaps even instigating it from from the outset.”

Mendicino seemingly dismissed her baseless allegation but did not confirm or deny — deferring rather to other Canadian officials to eventually answer the question.

Mendicino did admit, however, that the government is “watching” the protesters “very carefully.”

And thus the ruling class concocts a smear out of nothing, on the government-owned TV channel.

Imagine the contempt the ordinary people of Soviet Eastern Europe had for people who listened to the propaganda on the state radio and tv and took it seriously.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific