President Biden, it’s you – not Republicans – who’s bereft of ideas

President Biden, it’s you – not Republicans – who’s bereft of ideas. By Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State under Trump and a possible 2024 Republican presidential contender.

Mr. President, you asked in your press conference last week, “What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they’re for.” …

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Republicans fight to preserve the American way of life and our traditions laid down in our founding documents. Abraham Lincoln was our party’s first president. Along with Martin Luther King, no single person in history fought harder for the freedom of America’s children. Republicans comprehend that prejudice can never be fought with more prejudice.

Treating all persons as individuals, not as part of a subset of Americans, is the means to vanquish group injustice. Though a stifling political class represses duty, honor, wholesomeness and faith, these traits are the heart of America: Their beat is strong for those who have ears to listen. We are for them.

Republicans realize freedom is in jeopardy, for the self-anointed ruling class that bankrolls the Democratic Party to cloak their own greed does not understand liberty. These usurpers pocket the hard-earned money of citizens or print it, causing inflation, the most regressive of taxes. The cost of basic goods — food, gas and shelter — constitute the greatest proportion of wages for working Americans who do not have letters after their names. …

Republicans hold these truths: Liberty, as promised in our Declaration of Independence, is our birthright, but it is only possible under limited government; expansive government, acting recklessly, subverts individual agency and choice. …

Republicans believe that each life is precious and every person deserves respect, for each is a gift of God.

Republicans believe that the free market is the engine of economic growth for America and all the world. True innovation and the unleashing of human potential are never accomplished by dictatorial bureaucrats, who fancy themselves the creators of tomorrow, though they cannot manage the present.

Republicans believe that China is an existential threat and cannot be trusted. Beijing hid the origin of a vicious plague, permitting it to reach every corner of the globe, killing millions and wreaking devastation. We must thwart China’s theft of American jobs and intellectual property. Communist China cannot be placated; it must be confronted and its deceits and crimes exposed, but this is impossible for an administration that does not believe in American exceptionalism.

Republicans hold that a pillar of humanity is nationhood: Those who seek to upturn it speak of a past that never was and a future that must never be. We must finish the wall because sovereignty matters.

Too bad not all Republicans are fully on board with those positions.