Student athletes perform worse than controls following COVID vaccines

Student athletes perform worse than controls following COVID vaccines. By Jon Murphy and Colleen Huber.

Of twenty student athletes, half were vaccinated and half were not, according to their parents’ prior choices. In this study we compare sports performance of vaccinated versus unvaccinated student athletes doing the same activities.

Two sports coaches were interviewed regarding performance of their teenage student athletes. On questioning, we learned that there are twenty student athletes with shared training time among the two coaches. Fifteen of these student athletes are high school students, and the rest are younger.

The two coaches, who spoke to us on condition of anonymity for all involved, retrospectively observed the following of the COVID-vaccinated student athletes:

1) None of the vaccinated student athletes are competing up to their own previous level; all are performing worse than in 2020, in the assessments of the two coaches.

2) None of the vaccinated student athletes can endure the same exercise drills for the same amount of time that they used to tolerate prior to vaccination.

3) Recovery from exertion took longer in the vaccinated student athletes than before vaccination and took longer than in the unvaccinated.

4) After the injections, most or all of the vaccinated student athletes talked about one or more of the following reactions after vaccination:

  1. chest pain;
  2. dizziness;
  3. seeing stars;
  4. feeling as if they would faint;
  5. shortness of breath.

The student athletes talked freely and spontaneously about the above symptoms without anyone taking notes at the time. There was no prompting from coaches about reporting of symptoms.

5) The unvaccinated girls are now beating vaccinated boys in competition, whom they could not do well against last year. This change was unexpected and was considered unusual by the coaches.

1), 2), 3) and 5) are still observed in all of the vaccinated student athletes, up to several months after the earliest student athletes were vaccinated.

In contrast, the unvaccinated student athletes had none of the foregoing symptoms or deficits in sports performance or declines in sports endurance, as observed by the two coaches, and continue to improve in their endurance and performance, as expected by the coaches.

Empirical data. Small sample, and barely better than anecdotes, but an important indicator. The governments and drug companies should be doing these studies, but aren’t.