Cancer Diagnoses in the US Military Rose Three-fold After Vaccination

Cancer Diagnoses in the US Military Rose Three-fold After Vaccination. By Daniel Horowitz.

I can share with you from attorney Thomas Renz that the number of cancer diagnoses in the military’s DMED system went from a 5-year average (2016-2020) of 38,700 per year to 114,645 in the first 11 months of 2021. This is a predominately young population.

Unlike VAERS where the naysayers can suggest that anyone can submit, this is only by military doctors and quantifies every single ICD code in the military for tri care billing of Humana. This is the ultimate defined and finite population with excellent surveillance. …


I know 2 of the 3 cited whistleblowers. Their credentials are impeccable. Lt. Col. Chambers is one of the only Green Beret doctors in the military. Actually I got that wrong. One of the whistleblowers just told me it was through October, not November. So this is 10 months of data off the chart vs. prior 12 month years!

One of the biggest takeaways here is that the data is beyond reproach and widely accessibly by the DoD, CDC, FDA, and across the Biden-Harris regime. In other words, they are all very well aware that the jabs are almost certainly causing an untenable increase in cancer in otherwise young and healthy military-age Americans and they’re keeping that information away from the people.

The possibility is that vaccines cause general immune system fatigue, and that after two or three of them a body’s immune system just isn’t as good for a while at fighting off other problems like cancers.

The bureaucracy will fight to prevent any meaningful postmortem of how covid was handled, but the potential scale of misdeeds, corruption and incompetence is staggering.