Trump Is Right About Anti-White Discrimination

Trump Is Right About Anti-White Discrimination. By Paul Bradford.

Former President Donald Trump was in classic form at his Arizona rally last Saturday. …

The former president criticized the disturbing trend of anti-white discrimination in COVID treatment.

The Left is now rationing life-saving therapeutics based on race, discriminating against and denigrating . . . white people to determine who lives and who dies,” Trump said. “If you’re white you don’t get the vaccine or if you’re white you don’t get therapeutics … In New York state, if you’re white, you have to go to the back of the line to get medical health.”

This is a shocking, but true statement. At least three states — New York, Utah, and Minnesota — have prioritized nonwhites over whites for COVID therapeutics. All three of these states were only following the Food and Drug Administration’s recommendations to enact this policy. Some places even prioritized non-whites for vaccination. This trend has been well documented by the Washington Free Beacon and other outlets.

The left use a twisted definition of “racism”, by which discrimination against whites is not racism:

But the mainstream media claimed this was “misinformation.” The New York Times declared: “There is no evidence that white Americans are being denied access to vaccines or treatments.” The Times then offered the evidence that nonwhites are prioritized for COVID treatment, but defended it as necessary because of their “higher risk.” The Associated Press “fact check” also declared it false while showing proof that whites are discriminated against in these states.

The media claims this evidence just shows nonwhites need these particular treatments more than whites because of “systemic racism.” That apparently proves preferential treatment isn’t anti-white discrimination.

To really show how much Trump’s statement irritated liberal elites, Jimmy Kimmel — a bargain bin political pundit masquerading as a late-night comedian — mocked the former president’s claim to his dwindling audience. Kimmel called it a “COVID conspiracy theory that is outlandish even by Donald Trump standards.” “White people are being sent to the back of the line?! I guess Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized at last,” he joked.

The crowd yukked it up, of course. You’re supposed to laugh at claims of anti-white discrimination. Silly white people need to learn that they can only be racist and racism can never happen to them. This is what all the good and very smart people like Jimmy Kimmel believe. They think people who believe whites can be discriminated against are only worthy of mockery. You don’t want to be laughed at by Kimmel and his double-masked audience, do you?

Immoral clowns. That’s a result of building an electoral coalition based on identity, of all identities except white straight men. Straight up tribalism and discrimination all the way down.

Bring back color blindness.