Lynn’s Sex Differences In Intelligence

Lynn’s Sex Differences In Intelligence. By Edward Dutton.

Sex Differences in Intelligence: The Development Theory, the latest book by the Grand Old Man of psychology Richard Lynn, systematically demonstrates something that has long been obvious to most people … : On average, men are more intelligent than women — by about 4 IQ points. …

Prior to the development of IQ tests, it was assumed that males must be more intelligent than females because males have larger brains in comparison to their size; and also have accomplished so much more. Lynn cites Charles Darwin himself in this regard: Darwin actually remarked in The Descent of Man that

The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up, than woman can attain—whether requiring deep thought, or imagination, or merely the use of the senses and hands

How much longer before he is Cancelled?

The problem, as Lynn explores, is that, as IQ testing developed across the twentieth century, generally using samples of school children, there were no clear differences in IQ between males and females. They appeared to have the same average IQ. …

Males and females do indeed have approximately equal IQ until about the age of about sixteen. However, by early adulthood, males have a higher IQ. This is because males undergo puberty later and puberty involves a period of intense brain growth, which ultimately results in males having bigger brains — and thus higher average IQs. …

Males have faster reaction times than females and that males score higher on “General Intelligence,” the strongly genetic construct which underpins different kinds of intelligence, such as spatial, verbal and mathematical reasoning. Adult males also score higher than females in certain weak correlates of intelligence, such as general knowledge. …

On some measures of intelligence — those that more weakly correlate with General Intelligence — evolution has given females an advantage. Thus they are more verbally fluent. Lynn says: “The likely evolutionary explanation for this is that females who produce a lot of words promote the acquisition of language in their children.” They are also considerably better than men at learning foreign languages. …

Females have better visual memory, probably an adaptation to foraging, and are better at spelling because they can better visualize the shapes of words. Females also have better fine motor skills. …

Conversely, males also have greater throwing accuracy, presumably due to its use in hunting.

Lynn’s theory has been criticized, notably by the late James Flynn …. Flynn presented a meta-analysis of IQ data from university students indicating that males and females had equal IQ. However, Lynn noted that in all large and representative population samples — except Argentina, for some unknown reason — adult males in fact score higher than adult females …  (University students may be a problematic sample anyway, because in some cultures the admissions process effectively discriminates in favor of female personality characteristics, such as Conscientiousness). …

The male IQ range is wider than the female IQ range — in other words, the male Bell Curve has longer tails than the female male Bell Curve — leading to more male geniuses but also more male criminals and vagrants. … Traits that are sexually selected tend to have high variability …. this makes sense because, as Lynn noted in his book Dysgenics, among hunter-gatherers only about 40% of males father any children.

Recently, Lynn’s research on racial and sexual differences saw him stripped of his (purely honorific) emeritus professorship at the University of Ulster. The Woke Mob has to do this because they can’t logically fault his arguments.

It’s further evidence that we’re entering a new Dark Age, in which universities are making themselves increasingly irrelevant. Intellectual guerrillas, like Lynn’s Ulster Institute (and, indeed, will become correspondingly more important.

IQ intelligence male female

The distribution of g (raw intelligence) in male and female populations. The scale of the horizontal axis is in units of the male standard deviation. Only 37% of humans with IQs over 120 (the bottom of managerial level) are female. As the threshold IQ moves up, the male-female gap only grows larger.

The narrative denies that IQ even exists, so this should be beneath their notice.

UPDATE from Joanne:

Ferrgoodnesssake. What a limited male view.

Women need to be verbally smart for both self preservation and for sexual selection.

1. Given men’s physical advantages a woman needs verbal skill to avoid being just a chattel or slave, or getting beaten up. If a guy wants to have his way with her, or her offspring — what options does she have? Her ability to network with both other men and women is her power — she has to persuade the group to take her side if a man is threatening. Or, one on one, she has to be able to read his body language, see it coming, and talk him out of hitting her.

2. Women use their verbal ability to select the men who are smart. What’s the point in males writing songs and poetry to impress women if most women can’t figure out which guys are better at it? The pecking order and status of men would still be at the “locking horns” level if there wasn’t competition between women to aim for smarter men. The guy who tells the funniest jokes couldn’t outcompete the Quarterback.

Given that she is also largely responsible for looking after the non-verbal offspring, she has to learn to read body language, use empathy, and second guess what their needs are.

Her ability to throw spears (3D spacial tracking), or out-run, wield knives or any other physical skill was always a non-starter in the competition between men and women. But she still has to avoid snakes and grumpy wilderbeast so she can’t be physically inept.

There are a whole range of cognitive skills that reaction times and IQ tests don’t even try to assess.