Australian Bureau of Meteorology ‘cools the past, warms present’

Australian Bureau of Meteorology ‘cools the past, warms present’. By Graham Lloyd.

The Bureau of Meteorology has remodelled Australia’s official temperature record for the third time in nine years and found things to be warmer than thermometer readings had measured. …

Independent analysis of the latest changes show they added 0.06C to maximum warming and 0.11C to minimum warming from 1910-19 to 2010-19. …

A series of updates to the ACORN data have added 0.228C mean temperature warming if comparing 1910-19 with 2010-17. …

Again! And the adjustments always make recent global warming look more intense! What are the odds that all the errors in the data lean one way? Just as well we know more about the temperatures in 1910 now than those idiots in 1910.

Researcher and journalist, Chris Gillham, said the impact of adjustments to ACORN versions 1, 2, 2.1 and 2.2 was to cool the past and warm the present. …

Scientist Jennifer Marohasy, an outspoken critic of the bureau’s homogenisation process, said: “I have shown repeatedly, ­including in peer-reviewed publications, that without scientific justification historical temperatures are dropped down, cooling the past. This has the effect of making the present appear hotter — it is a way of generating more global warming for the same weather.

Dr Marohasy said the daily maximum and minimum values in the national temperature dataset were different from the actual recorded historical value, often by several degrees, usually cooler.

“The bureau has now remodelled the national temperature ­dataset three times in just nine years,” Dr Marohasy said.

Raw data just doesn’t have the right ideology, so it is adjusted:

Joanne Nova:

Clearly, the cheapest way to stop global warming would be to sack everyone at the BOM [Bureau of Meteorology].

Suddenly the modern contenders for the longest heatwave, warmest night, and hottest summer all got a head-start. …

The Bureau admitted to Lloyd that they changed 25 sites in the latest round, most of them because of statistical revelations … The BOM refuses to tell us exactly how they do this — admitting that they can’t train anyone outside their sacred guild.

Which reminds us of the old axiom, “if it can’t be replicated, it isn’t science”.

Apparently the future of life on Earth depends on their data, but it would take too long to train someone outside BOM to check it.

The bureaucrat’s “science” in action, paid for with your tax dollars.

hat-tip Joe P.