What Democrats and colonialists have in common

What Democrats and colonialists have in common. By Hugo Gurdon.

The Left preaches tolerance but excoriates those who disagree with it. It claims to seek equality or its conveniently and endlessly malleable derivative, equity, but gives preferences unequally to favored groups. It brags that it’s a passionate defender of democracy but works to cancel legitimate votes by making fraudulent voting easier. It arrogates “science” to its partisan causes but rejects the facts of gender, abortion, genetically modified foods, COVID-19, economics, and much else.

The list of hypocritical disparities stretches to somewhere over the rainbow.

But one disparity is perhaps weirder and more glaring than all the others. It is on the issue that obsesses the Left most of all — that of race. White gentry liberals, who run the Democratic Party and lead its militant base, are utterly out of sync with the racial minorities they claim to represent and insist they want to help. …

The Left is in the awkward, not to mention arrogant, position of thinking it knows better than minorities what is good for them. Thus, Democrats push to defund the police in direct opposition to the wishes of African Americans who suffer most from theft and violent crime. The party’s suggestion that racial minority people cannot get and use ID cards just as easily as others is recognized by minorities themselves as what President George W. Bush called the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

A 2018 study found that liberals’ patronizing attitude toward racial minorities leads them even to dumb down the way they talk to members of racial minority groups, which is something to which conservatives do not stoop. …

That is the way [the Left’s leaders and ideologues] treat all ordinary Americans. But on the issue of race, this knowing-better-than-thou attitude sits particularly uncomfortably, for it smacks strongly of the paternalistic arrogance of colonialism that, in theory at least, the modern Left detests.

The similarities are, however, as evident as the differences between them and late Victorian colonialists. Like those colonial officials, they regard themselves as altruistically governing lesser peoples not as they wish but for their ultimate good. They regard the lumpen populace as “new-caught, sullen peoples, half devil and half child,” as Rudyard Kipling wrote of British colonial subjects in The White Man’s Burden.

Nothing could be more unfashionable today than this 1899 paean to imperialism, and yet it is not difficult to adjust a few details of the poem to capture the arrogance of today’s Left and yet remain faithful to Kipling’s original sentiments.

Does this not ring true of those who currently run Washington, the universities, and most of the national news media?

Take up the liberal burden

Go teach the Leftist creed

Send out your pseudo-scholars

Our captive people need

The care of justice warriors

Who will plant the good woke seed.

Today’s Left has become the thing it hates.