Kamala’s nightmare

Kamala’s nightmare. By Neo.

Thomas Lifson … thinks Harris is stupid. I disagree, although I acknowledge that she’s not the brightest bulb. What I think she is, is scared. Really really scared.

Based on watching her facial expressions, speech patterns, and body language, my gut feeling is that Harris is under so much pressure that she’s cracking somewhat. I don’t mean it’s nervous breakdown time; I just mean major jitters. I think Kamala senses how badly things are going. She knows she has to defend the indefensible and lacks the nimble snarkiness of Jen Psaki, the ability to lie without showing a “tell.”

I believe that Harris suspects — or fears — that, having fulfilled her ambitions and become VP, it’s an example of the Peter Principle and she’s unqualified or at least unready. Her day-to-day existence has become a bit like the actor’s dream or the student anxiety dream come to life, in which everyone is watching you and you’ve forgotten your lines or forgotten to study the subject. …

Stopped making sense

She remains personally ambitious, power-hungry, dedicated to whatever leftist beliefs animate her. But she’s winging it and she knows it. And it’s not turning out anything like she expected.

I know the rumors are that Harris doesn’t even try to read the position papers and briefings her aides give her. Maybe so. But anyone who passed the bar exam has to at least have the ability to study really hard. Has that skill deserted her? Perhaps. But I think part of the problem is that when a person is cramming for an exam, even if a lot is riding on the result in the individual sense, that person isn’t constantly on stage at the same time being scrutinized by the entire world and dealing with huge consequences that affect millions of people. But that’s Kamala’s situation right now, and I believe that she fears she’s flunking the test (cognitive and real-life) and will flunk it even if she crams for it.

And her supposed tutor and mentor and experienced example, Joe Biden? Completely and utterly unhelpful, except as an example of what not to do.

Kamala was selected for her race and gender, and as protection for a feeble boss — sack Biden, and you get Kamala.

GirlPower and GirlBoss she is not. She must be a disappointment to the feminists.