Why are Caucasians Vanishing in TV Commercials?

Why are Caucasians Vanishing in TV Commercials? By Jacob Fraden.

Commercials take up 27% of commercial television screen time … Nowadays they have also taken over the Internet. …

In the United States today, the White population (not including Hispanics) is 57.8%. In real life, Caucasians are still in the majority, but now on TV and the Internet, they are swept under the rug like trash.

Blacks comprise 14% of the U.S. population but appear in 50% of commercials. White actors now appear to promote health insurance, gold, loans, and some medicines. Moreover, if a White person appears in a commercial, he/she is usually old, sick, a freak, or at the very least, an appendage to a Black partner. If there’s a doctor on the screen, he’s usually Black, while the patient is usually White. Caucasian young men appear in only 4% of the commercials! …

Business executives go out of their way to publicly show their conformity with the universal “diversity” and “critical racial theory” (CRT), demanding that the White man be blamed for all the sins one can imagine. …

Why such stifling conformity with what the left-bureaucratic party wants?

Why does the White population, which is still in the majority in the U.S., accept the banishing and belittling obediently and silently? … Why is there such stifling conformity among the American people, formerly known for their independence and freedom of speech?

The answer is simple and sad: the reason is fear, albeit on a more vegetarian level than it was under Soviet rule.

Ordinary people keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their jobs, not getting a holiday bonus, not getting promoted, or being socially ostracized. … The heads and owners of businesses … are afraid of various inconveniences: negative articles in the leftist press, social shunning, frivolous lawsuits, loss of state and federal licenses, government contracts, unexpected audits by the IRS, fines for alleged violations of minorities’ rights, and the like small and large troubles.

Government is too big, so the party of bureaucratic power can punish you for objecting, or even being insufficiently enthusiastic. There’s always some way they can get back at you. Free speech is no longer free.