What Many On The Right Still Don’t Understand About “Trump Populism”

What Many On The Right Still Don’t Understand About “Trump Populism”. By Darren Beattie.

Liberal researchers have tried to discern what issues motivated the January 6 protesters.

One study identified an “insurrectionist” element in the country who share similar views to the arrested demonstrators. … According to the study, the top concern among the “insurrectionists” is the “Great Replacement.” The Great Replacement theory states that westerners are being intentionally replaced in their own countries. Even though every demographic survey proves this, liberals deride it as a “conspiracy theory” — unless it’s portrayed as a positive development. Seventy-five percent of “insurrectionists” believe in the theory.

Immigration, immigration, immigration:

Among white Americans, fewer than 10% of those who favored more immigration voted for Trump. On the other hand, 80% of those who opposed immigration voted for Trump.

There was no significant gap among income brackets when it came to this question and Trump support. An immigration restrictionist who made more than $100k a year was far more likely to vote for Trump than an immigration enthusiast who made $30k a year.

A study conducted during the 2016 GOP primaries found that favorability toward immigration restriction, anti-political correctness, and white identity were the strongest predictors for Trump support. Income and education were at the bottom of factors that predicted Trump support.

It was obvious what drew voters to Trump in 2016. When the future president came down the escalator, he became the frontrunner when he attacked illegal immigrants for bringing drugs and crime to America. He furthered his lead among the Republican pack by promising a ban on Muslim immigration. His calls for law and order in the face of BLM riots (yes, they were around back in 2016) resonated in the general election. This is what he ran and won on. Whether he fully delivered on this agenda is another matter.

Ahmari and other “post-liberals” seem uncomfortable with this. They would prefer a more respectable Trumpism, one that shifted the focus away from identity issues to economic concerns. A forthright defense of the Great Replacement Theory won’t appear in the New York Times, but a screed against the gig economy will.

Hence the charge of the Democrats of “white supremacists”. No, we just want to preserve western civilization in a colorblind country, with proper borders and an immigration policy that only lets in people we need and want.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific