It’s not just censorship: How the managerial/professional class bamboozles us

It’s not just censorship: How the managerial/professional class bamboozles us. By David Cole.

Our “leaders” are trying to keep us unfocused, not paying attention. Taking advantage of a situation created by social media and a second-by-second news cycle, the powers-that-be bombard us with so much, nothing sticks.

They don’t want us “focused”; they want us discombobulated.

They don’t want us “laser-focused” on Covid specifics; they want us bombarded with so much contradictory info that we don’t notice the contradictions and no one is held accountable. That’s why lots of Americans have said “fuck it” to Covid regs. If you try to actually pay attention (“focus”), nothing makes sense.

Trump won in 2016 because he ran one of the most focused campaigns in recent history. Wall, deportation, border. People wanted that focus because no one else was providing it. When Trump lost the focus, he lost the voters and addled his base. That’s how a bunch of people could go from chanting “wall wall wall” in 2016 to storming the Capitol in 2021 saying, “We don’t really know what we’re doing here.” …

Controlling the public agenda:

I started thinking about this notion of unfocus and how “leaders” can take advantage of it when I realized how amazingly fast the Las Vegas mass shooting disappeared from the public consciousness, with zero of the pertinent questions answered. I’m not yelling “conspiracy”; I’m simply pointing out that if that can be supplanted by new trending topics within a few days, anything can.

Notice how the left doesn’t harp on mass shootings anymore, like Obama used to. … Think-tankers and canny politicians on the left have figured out that their best strategy is to slip things by you quickly and inconspicuously. That’s why they’re not using every new shooting to publicly call for “takin’ yer gunz.” They’re having better success quietly infiltrating every DA’s office with their people.

  • Let whites have thar gunz, and then toss ’em in jail when they use them.
  • Let blacks have they gunz, and set ’em free when they use them on whites.

The left would rather have you imprisoned or dead than disarmed but still alive and free.

George Floyd and the left’s new racism:

I think the left’s hyper-focus on George Floyd is turning out to be a huge mistake. The murder epidemic that accompanied the “racial reckoning” is forcing blue cities to not just re-fund but up funding for police, and citizens (with no help from the incurably retarded GOP) are trying to get “progressive” DAs removed. Soros was having way more success under the radar. “Focusing” turned people against his cause …

Control of the mass mind can create a huge political advantage:

Look at the panic on the left once parents caught wind of CRT. Our “leaders” don’t want you to focus; they want you overwhelmed and confused. That way, something like the Ghislaine Maxwell trial can come and go quick and painless (and, like Vegas, with no questions answered), and people are unperturbed because it barely registered with them. …

Even with all the efforts of Big Tech to censor info, you still can’t keep folks in the dark about everything, the smart move is to overload, confuse, and do all you can to inhibit the ability to focus.

Whereas conspiracy mavens love claiming that powerful entities distract you from important stories using false flags, the reality is, it’s not about focusing on distractions but rather fostering (or at least exploiting) a mindset in which people become incapable of focusing on anything in the news. Once overwhelmed, people stop paying attention.

The managerial/professional class, right across the old political spectrum and all institutions, discovered they had more in common with each other than with the rest of society. They have become the new left, led by the bureaucrats.