Why is WA holding out on reopening with 88% vaccinated and Omicron already spreading?

Why is WA holding out on reopening with 88% vaccinated and Omicron already spreading? By Heather McNeill. The narrative plods along behind what we already know:

WA Premier Mark McGowan has remained firm the state will stick to its February 5 date, despite being just two per cent off reaching its vaccine target and the Omicron variant already spreading in the community.

However, University of Melbourne epidemiologist Tony Blakely said the west would be close, if not already past its “peak immunity” due to a vaccine’s efficacy waning over time.

“If somebody has just been double-dose vaccinated, they are around a 40 to 50 per cent less likely to be infected with Omicron. For somebody who is four to six months after vaccination, they’ve probably only got a 10 to 20 per cent reduction of any infection, if they get boosted that goes up to around 70 per cent. …

Between reaching 80 per cent and 88 per cent vaccination rates in WA [of over 16s], a further 347,000 people’s immunity waned, making them due for a booster, while about 400,000 people received their boosters during that same time. …

The news from the UK analysis has obviously not reached the mainstream yet, because there is no mention that current vaccines increase your chances of catching omicron once a fairly short honeymoon ends. Nor any mention of immune fatigue, vaccine harm, or non-vaccine alternatives.

A spokeswoman for the Premier’s officer said WA’s plan to open at a 90 per cent vaccination rate was based on health advice and in line with modelling available when the decision was made in mid-December.

“WA is in the best position because we can watch and learn from the experiences over east and around the world, and ensure when we do transition our border controls, it is done safely and carefully.

Letting it rip, protected only by vaccines that do not do much to prevent transmission and whose only claim to fame is they reduce the chances of hospitalization and death for a brief honeymoon period, at the cost of unknown general immune system damage and significant other harmful events?

That’s not “safely and carefully.”

Lucky for us, omicron is mild. How mild? Still don’t know: still waiting to see official figures on omicron death rates in:

  • unvaccinated
  • boosted and in honeymoon
  • vaccinated and out of honeymoon
  • unvaccinated and ivermectined.

By how much do the vaccines — which are designed to counter the original Wuhan virus — lower the death rate against omicron?

But this is all so embarrassing for the bureaucrats and their politicians that this data will likely never be known, or maybe it will only emerge from “contentious” studies in a decade or two. They are going to try to bury this, because vaccines are too big to fail politically.

UPDATE: Here is a petition that demands that the WA State Government overturn their decision to enact their segregationist mandate on January 31st that severely restricts the unvaccinated.