Israel finds 4 Covid vaccine jabs ‘not good enough’ against Omicron

Israel finds 4 Covid vaccine jabs ‘not good enough’ against Omicron. By RT.

A fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine showed dwindling effectiveness against the Omicron variant, according to a trial conducted in Israel, with one of its lead researchers saying the immunization is simply “not good enough.”

A study involving 154 medical staffers at Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv found that a fourth shot of the Pfizer vaccine gave only marginal protection against the Omicron strain compared to previous mutations.

That’s the end for the first-generation vaccine nonsense then. Time for anti-virals now. Time for the USA to copy El Salvador.

If you keep presenting the body with the same stuff, your immune system will get desensitized to it. “Oh that stuff again? Wasn’t much of a problem, seen it before, I’ll go back to sleep.”

That’s how we desensitize people to allergenic foods like peanut butter — keep on presenting small doses, until the body learns to ignore it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil