El Salvador leads the way in medical care

El Salvador leads the way in medical care. By Joanne Nova.

As early as July 2020, El Salvador was trialling kits to treat Covid that included Ivermectin. Cases were starting to rise, so on August 9, 2020 the President Nayib Bukele made a national announcement that treatment kits and tests were available. Anyone with symptoms could call up the helpline and a box would be delivered to their home. The treatment kits included ivermectin, azithromycin, zinc, Vitamin D, Panadol, and an antihistamine.

By January 2021 cases were on the rise again and so Ivermectin was made available over the counter without a prescription for anyone to buy at pharmacies. Meanwhile the vaccine rollout began in February 2021. But by April 9 only 2.8% of the population was vaccinated. The rate of delivery increased from there.

By January 2022, El Salvador became possibly the first country in the world to tell people to “get fit” to beat Covid. Imagine suggesting that?

So how did it go?



The kits were described by one doctor as like a take away food delivery. Here’s a lady delivering some, as seen on a WHO video which praises El Salvador [without mentioning the ingredients] …. Just like magic, getting a cardboard box will save you? …



It’s fair to ask if El Salvador has done enough testing, but the test positivity rate varied from 3% – 15% which is on par with many countries.

And in terms of total death rates per million from Covid — El Salvador at 587 per million was worse than New Zealand (10) and Australia (95) but lower than Canada (820), the UK (2,200), and the US (2,500).

Pretty awesome, huh? Imagine what would happen to Pfizer’s share price and the reputations of western health officials if this news leaked out. Better keep it quiet then.