Crumbling Narratives Leave the Ruling Class with Everything to Fear

Crumbling Narratives Leave the Ruling Class with Everything to Fear. By J. B. Shruk.

The powers that be — the central bankers, global financial elites, corporate propagandists, and political aristocrats — have given up on any notion of truth. They neither pursue it objectively nor desire to discover it for philosophical or spiritual elevation.

Truth, to them, is too dangerous because it cannot be controlled by men with power. So they murdered it and molded a monster out of clay they affectionately call their narrative. …

Science is venerated as the apotheosis of objectivity, even as those with power dictate what official science can say, expunging dissenting scientific opinions from the public domain by either starving grant-dependent scientists into submission or outright censoring their work. … If science is controlled by a global oligarchy using it for personal wealth and power, then “trust the science” really means “trust the authoritarians.”

Now that “democracy” has been tamed, particularly in the US, they answer to no one:

With neither truth nor the objective pursuit of science playing any part in their scheming, the political and financial 1% of the 1% are beholden to no one and nothing — not to God, reason, rationality, logic, or principle — leaving them to become their own highest powers entitled to create and destroy the world as they see fit. …

Can Russia hawks start a war in Europe over Ukraine? Can the ruling Uniparty in America effectively flood the United States with so much unlawful immigration and unchecked voter fraud that the voices of individual Americans become drowned out? Can the “free-traders” continue three decades of middle-class wealth destruction and blue-collar job offshoring by further selling to the destitute the wondrous benefits of their snake oil made from cheap Chinese imports and middle-American poverty?

What’s at stake? Oh, only lives — those of soldiers who will be tasked to fight wars abroad triggered for the wrong reasons; those of innocent civilians who become collateral damage to an illegal U.S. policy that has aided and abetted the exponential rise of narco-terrorism, sex-trafficking, and other society-killing crimes flowing effortlessly across an unprotected southern border; and, of course, those of entire generations of lost Americans, whose happiness and stability were sacrificed for the swelling stock portfolios of globalist “free-traders,” as well as the crumbling towns across America those generations still call home today. …

We see them now:

I think it is no exaggeration to say that a growing number of people in America, the West, and around the globe, generally, are looking around at what the “elite” have wrought these last seventy-five years and do not like what they see.

The distinction between “free” and “controlled” countries is disappearing as governments expand their powers at the expense of individual rights and liberties. Regulation, central banking, and crony capitalism have worked together to concentrate wealth into the hands of ever fewer people and companies while preventing the unadulterated operation of truly free markets. National histories and cultures are being destroyed so globalists can reorder the world according to a “Great Reset” that gives them absolute power and total control. And political “leaders” are all parroting the same “build back better” nonsense when what they mean to build back is a planet where the 1% of the 1% can tighten its grip around everyone else.

If any of their members espoused truth instead of narrative, they would admit that they are building a great machine, whereby all of humanity except for the “elite” can be treated as nothing more than 1s and 0s; inputs and outputs; expendable, exchangeable, nameless, and meaningless resources, widgets, or cogs.

How long can it last?

This much is clear: government debt and central bank money-printing cannot continue much longer. System breakdown, triggered by runaway inflation, implosion of asset values, or the death knell for fiat currency, means that a political and social construct built by “elites” for their own wealth, power, and amusement will spiral wildly beyond their control. …

If you were part of such a small part of the world’s population, and you understood that drastic social change lay just ahead, perhaps you, too, would do everything you could to shackle the 99.99% with the chains of division, economic subsistence, rolling pandemics of fear, and bio-digital enslavement before the many awaken to the reality that the few long ago swapped truth for nothing more than control.

Perhaps censorship and fear will win the day.

"La Liberté guidant le Peuple" (Liberty guiding the People), by Eugène Delacroix, shows revo-lutionaries storming the citadels in 1789, bringing down the old aristocratic French regime.

Or maybe not, and there will be a storm that washes away their power over us.

hat-tip Dave