The Left Controls Almost Everything, So Why Are They So Afraid?

The Left Controls Almost Everything, So Why Are They So Afraid? By William Jacobson.

They control virtually everything: The presidency, Congress, Higher Education, lower education, professional schools and organizations, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, Big Tech and every substantial social media platform, all the large mainstream broadcast, digital, and print media with the exception of News Corp. entities, the HR department of almost every major corporation and many of the boardrooms, the permanent federal bureaucracy, the Joint Chiefs and senior military leadership, the FBI and DOJ, and I could go on and on.

It’s hard to think of any major national institution the left doesn’t control, except maybe the U.S. Supreme Court depending on which side of the bed Roberts and Kavanaugh wake up that morning. Which is why they want to symbolically blow it up through court packing, if they could. …

Most of the people in these institutions came to realize they have common economic and political interest. They converged to form the new left. It’s a party of bureaucracy, principally aiming for more good jobs for bureaucrats, and, thus, more government. Whether the left took over the bureaucratic and allied professional institutions, or the bureaucratic types took over the left, is a moot point — they are joined at the hip now.

They don’t have enough votes to win an election, so beginning around 1990 — in what is known as the great realignment — they dropped the deplorable working class and instead took to wooing all identity groups except straight white men. However, contradictions abound among those groups, so the left can only hope to keep its coalition together by distracting them with increased demonization of whites.

What is the left so afraid of at their moment of near total control? Do they know something we don’t?

For one, there are cracks in the armor. They don’t control all the states, and that is a warning to them. The Free State of Florida is thriving, people are fleeing blue states for red states. People yearning to be free scares them. The parents movement scares them, because it’s a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, cross-party movement to reclaim the children. Internet platforms not under their control scare them. People who disagree with them and refuse to be silenced scare them. At some point, it can’t be contained. …

Perhaps they know their strength is something of a charade, it’s unstable, it’s not organic, it’s coerced. When it collapses, they fear it will collapse like a house of cards.

Sarah Hoyt:

1) They’re starting to suspect that the people who stayed silent all these decades aren’t on their side. This goes against their trust in the “arrow of history” and could mean they’ve always been wrong.

2) Technology is rendering the fields they long-marched through irrelevant. Their most concerted media campaign against a sitting president failed so spectacularly that they had to fraud at the last minute, in front of everyone. Conversely their tongue-laving of Brandon didn’t prevent Let’s go Brandon going viral. They’re pushing the lever and it’s not working. Worse, the covidiocy has destroyed one of their centers of power: schools, and convinced a lot of parents to raise their own kids.

3) Everything they take over stops working. Everything. From the arts, to the culture, to news, to now industry. They’re perplexed and scared by this. And starting to panic.