Almost $25 Billion In Donations For “Racial Justice” And Related Causes Since George Floyd Death

Almost $25 Billion In Donations For “Racial Justice” And Related Causes Since George Floyd Death. By Ari Kaufman.

Thomas Edsall, one of the few decent contributors at the New York Times, published a valuable piece of journalism Wednesday on the sheer size of philanthropic commitment to left-wing “racial justice” measures.

With nearly 3,000 words of interviews and assorted content, he explores how much money — nearly $25 billion it turns out — was donated by progressive elites to divisive racial endeavors after the May 2020 killing of George Floyd. …

Among the top funders are the Ford Foundation, at $3 billion; Mackenzie Scott, at $2.9 billion; JPMorgan Chase & Co. Contributions Program, at $2.1 billion; W.K. Kellogg Foundation, $1.2 billion; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, $1.1 billion; Silicon Valley Community Foundation, $1 billion; Walton Family Foundation, $689 million; The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, $438 million; and the Foundation to Promote Open Society, $350.5 million.

William Jacobson:

Next time you hear Democrats complain about “right wing dark money” corrupting our system, keep these numbers in mind.

As Kaufman points out, the NYT write up points to the downside of all this money — it’s empowering the elements of the radical left who are damaging Democrat electoral chances by driving moderates away (e.g. defund the police) and turning the radical left against the mere left of the Democrat Party.

Follow the money. $25b buys a lot of trouble.

The desire to find racial inequities and be seen to do something is overwhelming, in order to earn all that money from the wealthy virtue-signalers. No wonder there are so many racial hoaxes. Nonsense like unprovable “systemic racism” is the result.

And it’s driving the Democrats further into crazy territory:

Matt Bennett, senior vice president of Third Way, a centrist Democratic think tank, argued in an email: … “It’s crystal clear that some ideas being pushed by activists and funded by lefty foundations go beyond that paradigm, treading into territory that is flat-out politically toxic and that undermine our collective goals.”

The Democrats are going where the money leads.