Vaccines versus Ivermectin, Omicron Edition

Vaccines versus Ivermectin, Omicron Edition. By David Evans.

The UK went all in on vaccines, and eschews antivirals. Look what’s happening:


Indonesia (whose population is four times bigger than the UK’s) relies on ivermectin — except for a short period when the Indonesian Government was heavied into banning it for a month from 12 June 2021. Look, almost no cases from omicron either:

Adverse effects from vaccines in Indonesia are presumably pretty low, because only a small portion of the population is vaccinated.

The comparisons are similar for the US, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, etc on the one hand versus the ivermectin-using parts of India, Japan, etc. We westerners are obviously on the wrong path.

Why won’t our media tell us what’s happening in Indonesia, India, Japan, equatorial Africa, etc.? This lying by omission is scandalous.

UPDATE: See part 2 here, USA versus Japan.