What is the West without nations, without Christianity, and without a past? Woke!

What is the West without nations, without Christianity, and without a past? Woke! By Paul Craig Roberts.

The West has cut itself off from its past and is tottering on the premise that it can survive by acculturating its youth to disbelieve in the West. …

The purpose of public schools has been converted to brainwashing children into a guilt complex due to the color of their skin and to installing a sense of entitlement into the minds of BIPOC children. Parents protest but ideological anti-white school boards pay no attention.

In other words, what education does in the Western world is to deracinate the white ethnicities and elevate the immigrant-invaders. …

The classic literature of Western civilization in which the real challenges of life are revealed are replaced by Woke and minority whining. Essentially, the educational systems produce illiterate barbarians. The smartest ones are the dumbest of all. They are the unthinking geeks who produce the police state control devices and robotics that are inherent in the digital revolution. The purpose of the digital revolution is to remove independence, purpose, and meaning from human life. We are not even going to be permitted to drive cars. Privacy is not only a disappearing value, it is becoming a non-word, a word whose meaning is incomprehensible to all but the very old. …

All of the Western nations no longer exist. Nations are reduced to countries without borders as there is scant limit to influx by peoples of alien languages, cultures, and behaviors. All Western nations are Towers of Babel. In Europe religious life is found only among Islamist immigrant-invaders. They are building mosques (churches) everywhere. As I often ask, how long has it been since a Christian church was built in Europe or the UK.

Even the most famous Christian cathedral of Europe — Notre Dame — is being refashioned as a multicultural shrine with street art and modern art murals creating with mood lighting “emotional spaces” in place of confessional boxes and medieval integrity of the Christian cathedral. In effect, Notre Dame, and thereby Christianity, is being vandalized and adulterated, and the Pope apparently signed off on it.

So what is the West when the West is without nations, without Christianity, and without a past?

It is a nothing. And this is what the Russians and Chinese are beginning to see.

Every great family and every great civilization has some roots in sin and crimes. What the Western world has forgotten is that they also have roots in accomplishments, moral, artistic, cultural, economic, political. We should not forget that man is fallen. There are good and evil that contend for his soul. It was Christianity that gave the powerless a voice capable of challenging the voice of raw power. It was this voice, together with material interests, that produced accountable government, itself subject to a rule of law.

Today the rule of law is disappearing. The US Constitution is in tatters. Everyone has become a tyrannical dictator. Not only presidents, chancellors, and prime ministers, but also employers, school boards, university administrators, mayors, governors, airlines, restaurants, sports organizations, issue mandates that are violations of the Nuremberg Laws laid down by the United States at the WW II war crime tribunals. Now the government in Washington refuses to obey its own creation, finding that Big Pharma profits, control over citizens, and perhaps darker agendas are more important than the rule of law.

The “watchdog media” are silent on the transgression but are shrill in propagandizing the criminal agenda. In other words, there is no honest media to hold government accountable, so government does what it desires. This is the definition of tyranny.


hat-tip Stephen Neil